MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Meditation: The tree of Oneness


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Meditation: The tree of Oneness

We are always looking for ways to connect us all, to help the collective, share our love and energy and also to understand others.
I give you here a meditation that you can use to send love and energy to others whether as a big world wide collective or a sub-collective. This meditation can also be use to understand a being because you can go to any leaf of this big tree of oneness and chose to take your heart there and feel what that being is feeling, what are the beliefs and truths. Lets see how this meditation works.
Imagine the planet and on top a big tree, huge tree, the biggest of all! that tree represents all beings in the world or a specific sub-collective you want to connect with.
Depending on the size of the collective, the tree might have hundreds, thousands or billions of leaves and branches are proportional of course. Its a balanced tree,perfect, beautiful tree.
You place yourself on one leaf; There i want you to be you, feel yourself, know yourself to be there. You know you are part of the tree, you feel the tree, you feel the flow of energy on the tree veins and you know you are not alone, you know you depend on the whole tree functioning perfectly so you can survive and you know all the other leaves are exactly as you are.
Now connect with your neighbor leaves, wave, send love, use the breeze to move yourself and be able to touch them; use the wind to make some noise. You want to be seen, heard, felt. Now imagine a domino effect with the connections you made with your neighbor, watch the effects of the spirals of your connection, see that somehow by knowing, feeling and seeing that what you did at the beginning to connecting is spreading, spreading and finally reaching the whole tree leaves. Its amazing. If you want to spread laughter, every one will laugh, even our beloved fellow animals, for they are our brothers and sisters as well. Make sure what you want to send is always love, joy, peace and abundant feelings!
If you want to connect with someone you know, or do not know, so you can understand that being, focus on the being you want to feel doing that concentration for a few seconds or minutes. There are characteristics on that being that you can concentrate on, whatever you know about him or her just think of that and then when you totally focused look at the tree and the right leave will show; Go there, you have branches that take you there, just let your energy flow through the branches and get inside the leaf. Stay there, focus on that different being and let your heart feel everything. Soon you start to know what is being that other one! This is a very good exercise to connect i order to know what is to be so different than you, different patterns, conditions, values and truths.
I hope you make a good use of this meditations. Do not forget to use your intuition and let yourself flow, this is not a closed exercise, you can change it as it goes!

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MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Meditation: The tree of Oneness
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One thought on “MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Meditation: The tree of Oneness

  • August 17, 2016 at 8:35 AM

    Beautiful meditation thank you i really need this at this time in my life.many Blessings. and love to you Dear Maria.

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