MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Sun & weather

sun & weather

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Sun & weather

Yesterday we announced another stream was to be expected. So far it hasn`t happened; Instead we had solar flares and most of them haven`t hit earth.
Scientists affirm that the CME´s which were developing yesterday are not going to hit earth. What we can expect for sure is the development of solar filaments. Magnetic activity is at high levels despite of the calm events that surprised us.
But… something we must be aware of is that high levels of light that come out of or sun, even if they are not to face earth, they always affect us; It happens because sooner or later, with more or less impact it always reach us – meaning: the light is to be spread and ultimately we will always receive it. The difference is that – When these events face earth, the concentration of sun rays are huge and we feel them hard on our selves, as you know know by experience.
What we have seen for the last days is an increasing on weather phenomenon here on earth; In my opinion it has to do with the sun blasts of two days ago. Earthquakes, Nuclear incident, several weather alerts. hurricanes. tornadoes, eruptions, extreme heat…
It is never to much to repeat that everything is a cleansing process so the energies do not stay blocked on the inner earth. The planet is healing it self and we do not see the entire process. We have our own inner process and sometimes we have issues to understand it… Stay always centered, aligned, balance and grounded


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MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Sun & weather
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