MARIA (LYRA LIGHT)Moving ahead! & Michael Love`s Event predictions

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT)Moving ahead! & Michael Love`s Event predictions


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT)Moving ahead!

& Michael Love`s Event predictions

Many of you are doubting and questioning the previous three energy waves of humanity`s ascension. The Event is still on! You do not see the world fixed and you still feel there is so much to heal and fix within yourself and your life.
Please understand that things are not over! not even close! The three waves of mass ascension 2015/2016 were just that! three waves through which we receive huge amounts of light that allow us to shift, awake more and more, grow in consciousness… It was an amazing phase and billions were affected; we are still being affected by those waves of light, but now matters to focus on the present moment and on the moments there are so close to us in the near future.
Please embrace what is! accept what ever you and the rest of the world were able to reach through the past energies; move on! there is so much to do! to create! to change! to live!
We told you that right after the third wave there would be an increasing of turbulence in the world; now we are watching it! But we are not supposed to feel down by it, or none of our previous growth made any sense. Being tuned with the world, sending love and light to all beings and the planet, feeling consciously aware of what is going on, wanting to change and keep working the best we can to build the new earth does not mean we have to low our vibration just because there is so many negative things happening! Be aware that those things have always happened but at least now they are happening at a different level! the CHANGE LEVEL! indeed it is so! So… keep working on yourself, keep creating ideas and a new posture, a new perspective for the new world! Know that things have their own reasons to happen the way they do, although things hurt us, we are moving further and for a mass part of the world consciousness to rise those “negative” events have to occur because they do not know any other way of awakening.
There are no coincidences dear ones, it is not random what we observe! it appears to be random but it is not! we do not know what souls, involved as a victim of terrorism, agreed to go through! i know this is hard to read, but it is so! we all made our choices, we all agreed with others on events that are part of what we call “destiny”. Everyone agrees that there are no coincidences and that nothing happens by chance… but when it comes to violence towards “innocent victims” we all change our point of view… is to hard to acknowledge yes?! to hard to accept that there is a real reason behind all that. in fact there is a reason behind everything! the good and the bad. And as far as i am consider i am not to interfere on others free will! and you shouldn’t either! that is their way of evolving, growing, awakening, love… if they have found a different way and change the course of events, they surely had avoid those same events… but they didn’t!
So.. please keep doing your part of the mission! i strongly ask you to do so! do not sit around complaining and waiting! there is nothing to wait for if we, ourselves, aren`t able to step into the change mode!
Now is the time to be strong! the time to step up on our collective dreams! trust fully on our selves and the collective we are tuned with! it is time to increase even more the energies, and bring more light into the planet! the next important moment is to be on SEPTEMBER, 11 – Michael love predicts another moment of high energies which will propel us higher on global ascension in order to prepare us for the fall!
Know that you are not alone, we are here, all of us… billions of light growing together and uniting so we can change things. we need each other more than ever!
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES (LYRA LIGHT). if you want sessions or to become my spiritual student contact me to

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