Archaeia Faith – Unconscious Judgment

Archaeia Faith – Unconscious Judgment

February 28, 2017

By Archaeia Faith

Dear ones,

I come to you during this wave of high energies that is impacting us so profoundly. We are currently in the Omega phase of our paths moving into the Alpha phase as we are in the final purging phase in our final reincarnation. So many situations and old emotions are coming to surface to be addressed and cleansed out of our inner selves. No matter what wave of ascension you may be in, you must ask yourself this question. How many times a day do we pass unconscious judgment of others. Unconscious judgement of others has plagued society for eons, as a form of low vibrational frequency. As we walk down the street, sitting at an outdoor cafe, sitting on the train or a plane, we make assumptions of others based solely on their appearance without knowing one thing about the person we are unconsciously judging. Another example is what we see on social media via Facebook, twitter, and YouTube, unconscious judgment comes in the forms of particular situations that is placed into our reality at that moment.

We all must remember that energy is neutral so according to universal law, there is no right or wrong, nor bad or good. Every soul is on their own path of Ascension and has different karmic lessons that must be addressed in their particular lifetimes that might not need to be addressed in your particular lifetime. You may have already resolved that specific karmic lesson in your past karmic lifetime, that is why it is no longer an issue for you at this time. Judge not and you will not be judged. Judgment is a form of a low vibration programmed into the matrix to prevent peacefulness and unconditional love. We need to rise above it by showing unconditional love and compassion, the same way our brother Yeshua did when he walked upon GAIA over two thousand years ago. We must break that cycle that we have not been able to break and evolve from since humanity lost their way during the fall of Atlantis.

Another form of unconscious judgment is in when the collective participates in demonstrating against something that is offensive to them. When we gather in this manner it only feeds energy to that very situation, thus in turn, creates that situation we feared or protested against into a reality at a much faster rate. We should gather only to promote peace and unconditional love for GAIA and as a collective to break that cycle of oppressiveness. In the days of Aquarius in the sixties, flower children would promote peace and brotherly love in meditational groups, then would include high vibrational music to raise the vibration upon GAIA. As in the days of King David, he had musicians play for seven years straight non-stop to keep the vibration level high, he often said GOD would sit beside him as the musicians played.

We all need to see the world and those around us as the way young children do without egos, seeing everyone as a friend instead of the unconscious judgment like adults do and use our imaginations for unlimited possibilities for ourselves instead of that living in a box mentality.

As we ride this wave of the ascension onto the beaches the new heaven on earth, ride that wave in with unconditional love for yourself and everyone upon GAIA. Love is the only emotion and the highest vibration to be in at all times.

Remember dear ones, as these high intense energies are being felt upon GAIA, we need to stay grounded in all situations. Emotions may also be intense at this time, in every situation, leave it all to the universe, for all will be handled by universal law, that is the best way to avoid karma that will be created for us immediately. Live always in love, for love is the only emotion and the highest vibration to be in at all times.

If you need any guidance during this final purging of this Omega phase of the ascension, please call upon us. Archangel Michael and I are here as angelic guides sent to Gaia by Prime Creator.

I AM the daughter of Lord Enki and Goddess Inanna.
I AM Sophia, who is GAIA.

If you have seen the daughter, you have seen the mother.

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