COTTON HEART – Consciousness of the human BEING

COTTON HEART – Consciousness of the human BEING


COTTON HEART – Consciousness of the human BEING

The Creator knows things like the Architect with his Works.

We are simply turning this masterpiece, finding our place and to think we, I, us, all have one is beautiful.

We design our rooms in this place but the structure had been set, not just in Stone but in our hearts and mind. Thought is an Elevator to Unimaginable Inspirations and Destinations.

Dare to Dream of ALL and you will see more then before. Conscious thoughts bring knowledge and chances to understand the moments in between.

One day my mother said there were 7 Heavens, she said one was for the philosophers the scholars, I immediately thought I would so be there.

It brought me joy to think that there was a place where I can be. I saw myself there and I realized how since the Beginning we were not just meant to be Human but a Human BEING.


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