COTTON HEART – Rambling of the heart

COTTON HEART – Rambling of the heart


COTTON HEART – Rambling of the heart

Rambling of the heart,
How can one explain Love?

Metaphors welcome …

A Contemplation with no thought
A fire that dose not Burn
A smile with an unknown reason
A resonance without a voice
A view from within that is reflected in deeds, its felt and then seen.
It’s given and received
How can one explain a chill with no breeze?

How dose one define such thought with no Name or attempt to Explain.
This feeling with no words, has it ever been heard, murmured or said?

A sound that just vibrates like Infrared from the heart, leaving my head contemplating and being unable to translate it into thought.

Where dose it come from, originate or reside?

How Dose one Interpret or define this language from (inside)? perhaps there’s a reason the heart is in and on our side.

Like it’s at the tip of my heart and not tongue,
To articulate it would leave me tongue tied, yet still I am mesmerized.

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