Blog author: Sandris Sneibe

The energies of the month are already starting to arrive, announcing entry into the period of the heroic efforts of balancing the male and female in the lower our body systems in preparation in 2017. Year, when the planet will require the greatest possible number of people, rooted in the Divine neutrality.

We are entering a period of grounding and deep integration of the new, accelerated cycle of creation, extraordinary efforts during the passage of the Lion’s Gate and entering into full force and effect to the Equinox 22 September, immediately after the last eclipse of the year.

I know that many a sigh of relief from the fact that August is coming to an end, because the energy of the Lion reached the absolute maximum creative fire, which was so necessary for this upcoming cycle. They brought with themselves a lot of goodness, but also a lot of problems, because it took us to “burn” all that still does not allow us to find our true power of the full expression of the Divine. This work resulted in the understanding that the flames of hell, in fact, is the fire of transmutation, which gives us the strength to really take up your life.

And judging by what I hear, so many have succeeded in this, that it could change not only the direction of our lives, but also the direction of human history.

During Gates 8-8 have also downloaded the access codes to the plan of the next year of our creation. Enlightened vision, inspirational ideas, creative concepts that will unfold throughout 2017, and that in some way tied to the (HEAVEN) the plan of the whole Earth. Next month will be devoted to the assimilation of the knowledge of our bodies in order to move on to the implementation and application of this plans into practice.
Unpacking files the next level of creation, we also begin the process of completing this year’s creations. And all this despite the fact that we have two more wonderful Equinoxes. In addition, we enter into the 9-th month of the year and complete a 9-th year is old and Universal cycle.

Approaching the inevitable (and even monumental) end, and soon we will be called as a fully Master of the Balance in it life, as soon as we move to a new position, trying to provide themselves with important details necessary to complete the vital affairs, while performing recalibrations and internal restructuring for the new important Spiritual directives.

This is a fundamental balancing act between being and action (although, in fact, its value is much higher) is manifested in a real problem of commitment, purification, sharpening its focus simultaneously with the development of extreme flexibility, openness and readiness to all. We will learn to remain both inside and outside, and in the take-off condition, and in the fall, too. Being at the same time, it offers the transcendence of those who are willing and able to permanently leave duality behind.

All this is a result of our growing process of the merger of male and female, “mystical marriage”, which is happening now for many, allowing them to experience our human and divine aspects of desire and manifestation of the Coherent Whole.

Note: The “Mystical Marriage” – a Fusion of (male) energies and pituitary (female) energies of the Pineal Gland, which triggers the birth of our multidimensional consciousness, Union of Spirit and Matter. (Hello, dizziness J).

In the end, we learn how to really become for ourselves real parents, how to live as love and, above all, with an open mind, while allowing the updated masculine energy to support the sacred inner feminine and mentality and boundaries needed to fully and openly live in this world again. We learn how to rely on a new balanced relationship between our inner Divine Mother and Father, who is completely “orchestra” is now within our lives.
During the workshop balancing these polarities we remember in action, be sure that it means to live in full confidence that we spontaneously get all that we need to be in every moment of our lives and the way we needed. What is our only work is solid progress through life as the embodiment of love itself, allowing the Force of Creation to create every detail of all our divine request needed for a new life experience.

Blog author: Sandris Sneibe


Перевод: Ян Лысаков Редакция: Валерия Лысакова.

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