JOANNA ANGELI – The Reiki principles

JOANNA ANGELI – The Reiki principles


JOANA ANGELI – The Reiki principles

We all have our challenges every day. This is a little practice that can enhance your ability to count the stars in the midnight sky no matter what happens within you or in your life. When we seek the peace inside our selves the world around us changes to match our peace.

But never forget that every time you think “your there” a new challenge will arise for you to either agree to your own peace or chaos, for you to grow stronger.

When we are “there” we tell our selves, the universe, that we are ready to not bow for any force, then, its up to you to do or not do. Shanti shanti shanti. Chaos is just a change introducing it self to you, and within chaos, you can find a place of peace.


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