JOANNA ANGELI – Everything is Consciousness


JOANNA ANGELI – Everything is Consciousness

Everything that exist is Conscious. Consciousness is conscious on what is required to heal and within that Realm we are all together in the manifestation of consciousness. Through our experiences the universe can experience one self and heal through our Mirroring and so the creation continues through consciousness. No one is no different we are all the same. You are nothing and nobody and through that you are everything. Creators of energy through the realms of frequency. All is consciousness. All is creating moving transforming energy. All is the creators. You questioning your self is creation questioning one self. Trust your self with all you are through the knowledge that you are forever beyond and forever Love. You are Creation of the Creator and the creator will always be you. You are the Creating transforming moving consciousness. You are upgrading collectively and Evolving Personally by Breathing in Worlds, your self. You are Love since Love is Recognition of the Core of Creation it self. Love is a world describing the feeling of coming home and everything you may thought you lost are coming back to you. It is when you break the illusion of separation to your soul, to creation, to everything. You are nobody and through Breaking the self importance Ego you access Pure Consciousness and you experience that you are everything. Through that you will see that the experience is what you are. Consciousness experiencing it self, healing, correcting, struggling, loving. You are consciousness so by working with your self and Discovering your self you heal Worlds. That is how important you are. Once again, you are everything. And I know you’ve always been Aware. You’ve always been because you are. Remember who you are. Consciousness are always creating, moving and evolving and your personal soul communicate this to you through the lingering feelings deep within your feelings, inside your heart.

I’m not here to make you a believer, I’m here to make you see that you put your self in a prison that kills life and that you are here to Live not to Kill. I am you, reminding you, of what you are here to do. Connect and communicate. I am just a Reminder coming down to observe as consciousness from another place within Oneness. And I am here to say that I have huge compassion no matter if I understand the games you play here or not, and that I come in love and in peace to show you that we’re here with our good vibes so its easier to access joy both for us when we are here in a borrowed body and for you no matter what happens in this World. Its our time now, to merge into higher realms to upgrade this world. We can not do it without you since we can not access earth without all the children asking for it. Earth is suffering because she feels the suffering of her children. She feels their pain, their difficulty to love them selves and the darkness within them that came with her unconsciousness. She dont know what to do other then to stay strong and have faith. She called us down here, she screamed for our help, our assistance, so we came. We are all inter-galacticly working with healing her but we can not do it without you learning how to love your self since she feels the pain of All of you. You are so dearly loved. She cries whenever you cry, she feels peace whenever you feel peace, she feels love when you love your self. I am here as a Pleiadian consciousness to channel this message for her. Earth called for us, Now she’s calling you. Your are everything to her. She needs you to breathe again as you need her. You are not alone as Beings of Light has entered the Earth by Her calling. Goddess Earth is calling you to join us in raising your Vibration so we can change your dimension into our Realm, the Pleiadian, and bring heaven to Earth so she can have peace in her Heart. She is crying for you to see your Beauty as she is crying to see her own. She’s calling you to Open your eyes and see yourself as she see her self as You. She tells me that “please let them know that they are not alone. Please take away my pain. Please save me from this horror but please first save my children… My children… You must tell them how much I love them. That they are everything to me”. This is just a part of it. You can tell she feels responsible regardless that is she’s not. She’s a mother. She’s love. She wants only peace. She want to see her Children in love and joy. She only want for you to be ok so you can raise in greatness with her by your side.


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JOANNA ANGELI – Everything is Consciousness
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