JOANNA ANGELI – Men & women evolving spiritually


JOANNA ANGELI – Men & women evolving spiritually

Men and women, in a spiritual and evolutionary path is partly different. We are our opposite as masculine and feminine forces. Women are the curves, the waves, the round energy that is a direct link to the feeling of love, the feeling of the soft heart. We are the ones who nurtures and cares. Women is love in need to connect to power and the man is power in need to connect to love. Together these forces are the perfect combination into wholeness, both within our self as the masculine and feminine essence merging, and in the physical, as we project our reality from soul, body and mind. Men are the supporter and protector. He has this firm, straight edgy energy that moves from target to target. The logic and those who solve and eliminate their challenges. As the man tries to find his place in how he can support his woman, both within and in the physical world, this is changing, and there is a big leap to be taken. Now a woman wants not so much the physical support in protection from wild animals, but more the emotional support and through that a security and a protection from another kind of harm. An emotional harm. As more and more people wake up, we see that what is inside us creates our physical reality, and how crucial it is to have a healed and warm inside to be able too see the world through love. As our truth and reality is always colored by perspective we have to keep our perspective away from hurts or learn to meet our hurts with love for both sides. To rise from instinct to consciousness is not an easy leap as we must open our eyes to what has been done, what we are doing and what we want to do in a whole new way. We can no longer live through closed eyes as we could when we lived through instinct. For a man to be a protector in the new times he serves best in supporting his woman to step into her power so she can shine. This is not so easy for many men as a man challenges to stand equal to his woman, because men often play the role of children or as an overpowering force of being number one, the superior. This had its purpose when the man was the anchor of security of balancing out fear with going into instinct and act in very dangerous physical situations instead of going into his emotions at that time, as that would make a disaster. As we evolve and fear is another belief system we chose more and more away from us, this instinct behavior is not needed as much. There is a new balance to be found both in the masculine and in the feminine. With woman being so afraid of their power, with good reason, since a powerful woman was easily punished, it makes more difficult for men to let go of theirs to move more into their heart center. As we see spirituality evolving more and more, we see that power is a big part of spirituality. Before power was seen as almost the opposite and now, power is a great part of the spiritual journey as spirituality is breaking free from the instinct and rise up into consciousness through the body, mind and soul. A woman’s part in this journey is very much working with her man as women is naturally very flexible and spiritual creatures. Its her co-creation, to open a mans heart since she naturally has a open heart. To understand the man how hard it is to open up to his own vulnerability, his emotions, we must look back on what his purpose was in ancient times. The role for security that he played could not be vulnerable. So for him to open up to his feelings the solar-plexus easily freaks out caused by fear by this collective memory, and if there is too much he shuts down to protect him self from the possibility of being weak and being harmed. Women often pressure the man too much as she do not understand the depth of this memory. Now more and more women have this picture of what a man should be; emotionally available, emotionally secure and open, direct contact with his heart , highly spiritual and soft hearted without seeing her role in all of that. And when a woman step into her power, often through a career, she want a revenge for being so overpowered as her collective memory rises, and throw him out. Our pictures in our minds are not wrong, they are a peek into the future man that we co-create together. As this warrior goddess is another possible co-creation for many women. This shift in creation is not easy for those who are here to shift physically for the new time to rise. To have compassion is crucial. A man has his challenge to overcome his deepest collective wound that ”I am not enough”, so he can step into his feelings, his vulnerability and still stand in his power, as women must step into theirs. Women has to step into their power, for a man to step into his feelings, his heart in healing and blossoming, because all is, a co-creation of the masculine and feminine forces in the divine essence of their core being. For a woman her biggest collective wound is to dare to be strong and still stay in love. This may be challenging for some as the feeling of anger, hatred or revenge may come up caused by all the overpowering and abuse men has forced upon them through time. Compassion and understanding that it all had its purpose and we were all victims in that, since those instinct and brutal actions are a big reason why men collectively closed their heart and shut down their emotions. There is many collective emotions that we all carry, and we may not always understand them, but to know that we are here to dissolve what does not serve us any longer through compassion for each others pain and struggles as we are rising from instinct to consciousness, in a co-creation, as a result of healing. We are stepping into power, love and intelligence to give birth to a higher level of creativeness together as One Divine Love.



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JOANNA ANGELI – Men & women evolving spiritually
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