JOANNA ANGELI – The opposite of suffering is consciousness

JOANNA ANGELI – The opposite of suffering is consciousness


JOANNA ANGELI –  The opposite of suffering is consciousness

The moment we need to do something to feel better we are on the wrong track (perspective from the pleiadian view since I can only present different perspectives to you). We all feel pain and suffering. Even the brightest most loving people. Suffering is what link us all together in this realm. And how can this be when we as spiritual guides and spiritual catalysts talk all about the light and love within us? We as humans, star people ,star seeds, indigo children, crystal children. children of light are born in this state of consciousness, called physical on earth, we say yes to feel the pain of the collective suffering within creation, the suffering of the unconscious. We do this to heal consciousness, the creator, creation, by experiencing the unconscious and turning it into consciousness we heal God, The Creator and Us. We are all the same in the core of our being. No one can create something they are not. Nothing and no one, this is an universal law within consciousness. We can not create something that is not part of us and we can not be created by something that is greater than us as we are consciousness it self. We are energy that created it self through creation. We are it, and by neglecting the parts of us that feel this bond called suffering does not bring us through. We bring us through by healing our emotions towards anything and anyone because emotions are the physical experience of feelings. And what are feelings? Feelings are talking about energy. Feelings are creation communicating with one self. I feel its safe to say we have all felt stuck in suffering one way or the other. To be stuck in suffering is only a state of consciousness as all is. We are never truly stuck, but to feel stuck is consciousness talking to one self saying: ”this needs attention, this part of consciousness needs to open its eyes” and for that to be a reality, we need each other, as we all are in the same boat by being here. We need to start communicating. We need to start talking to break free from this emotional prison we have created through fear and abuse (ignorance). Its time people. Its time. Suppressed suffering only leads to depression. and depression leads to apathy and for a star being to be totally unable to act, is the worst for this planet. we need you awake, we need you to be ok.  I want to address how we get out of suffering, personally. The big secret is that there is no easy quick fix. Great things take time. We dont get out but to go in so deep that we no longer believe that the suffering is greater than us. The suffering is not who you are, its something we agreed upon by channeling that energy into something greater by being with it to release it, time and dedication is the greatest acts of love we can give. And by being with our pain in a loving way and let the pain speak we heal the pain within us and slowly we upgrade the collective into what is stronger. Fear is effective for control. Suffering is effective for hiding creativeness and strength. But its far great and its far strong since we are originally something far greater than effective. We are greater than the quick fix. We are Love. To be with our pain without judgement ready to listen we give unconscious love. And with love comes courage and strength to rise, and we can turn the tables around. What are you afraid of? Being killed? Well, you cannot die. Our physical world is an illusion to create a deeper learning by deep and hard experiences. I personally have seen with my own eyes that we are all consciousness, creating energy, light, colors and there was no darkness in that. There was suffering but the only place  was within me. I got to experience my own unconsciousness with meeting with consciousness in the experience of being everything and everything here on earth. By being earth, by being created by my self, by being in pain by unconsciousness and I was both the conscious and the unconscious. Both beautiful and scary. The suffering I experienced is a step in the development of consciousness it self because that is what we all are. i want with this to share something from my own life. Since I was just a child I ascended into the realm of energy where you can access all information and through that I also experienced the pain of Growth. Do you remember when you where a child? It hurts when our bones grow in high speed. It really hurts. Then we become big and bright and the pain in our legs stopped… spiritual growth is very much the same thing. And spiritual suffering is the biggest kind of suffering a human being can ever go through. Spiritual suffering is when you get pushed away from you comfort and you lose what you depend on for you to grow beyond the suffering and start depend on your self to see and experience the power within you. It is raw, it is real, it is dramatic. Spiritual growth and development is the hardest journey a human being can ever experience. So why do we do this? Because we love. Because we love each other and we love ourselves. The opposite of suffering is consciousness and the more conscious we get here on earth, the more we upgrade, not just the collective consciousness on earth but in eternal universes. In worlds. Its all linked together. We are the masters coming here with a mission to break the beliefs within consciousness it self. The beliefs that limit. The beliefs that created prisons physically and emotionally. The beliefs that created abuse. The beliefs that created hopeless. The beliefs that created our inner pain. Do you sometimes wonder why the pain is so deep, so dark, so extremely intense? You feel the unconsciousness of the whole world, you wonderful loving beautiful heart… i love you. Its time to know that this is part of our mission. The pain. Yes, the pain is a part of it. That is the reason we are here doing what we do. We all play our different parts of both consciousness and unconsciousness as unconsciousness is the unseen part of consciousness. We can all feel it inside. No one can escape it. Its alive within us and through us. Does that make us victims? No, it makes us in charge… it makes us able to deal with it through the most powerful source that is, our core. It makes us healers, actors, lovers. It makes us able to heal what could not heal before us. I believe in you. And I believe in me. And I believe that its time to start talking and sharing whatever. Not what you were told to share but what moves inside you. Thats why you are here… to share what moves inside you and to love your self for doing that regardless of what that is. you hiding your true self is unconsciousness resisting to become conscious of it self. And I can tell you from the deepest of my heart that I love you for waking up and to be brave enough to open your eyes to your strength and your own love generating through you. If you wonder what to be or what to do, be authentic, be real and dare to reflect upon what you see and dare to move, change and act accordingly to your deepest inner knowledge of worthiness of all beings through your self. Dare to have standards through authenticity and if you wonder what it is… google it, ask, talk about it… ask someone. Say ”I dont know how, do you have any thoughts?”. That is authenticity, honesty, boldness, rawness, real…. That is a breakthrough no matter the result. Know that no one else than you got the right answer, but by communicating we can learn, reflect and grow. And by sharing what moves inside us we can heal and experience that we are all together in this. Suppressed pain is also pain. Ignorance is still fear… dont be so afraid of jumping out in the unknown and dare to communicate. I love you for being brave enough to exist in this rawness. I love you for playing the part of what I want to become and for playing the role of a direct pain in this world so we can see what happens within the unconscious so I, my self fights every day to become greater, to become consciousness in its highest srate and I love those who chose themselves  for the same path. Thank you consciousness. Remember who you are. I do.


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