JOANNA ANGELI – Pleiadian message


JOANNA ANGELI – Pleiadian message

Every challenge we meet is a Spiritual Challenge, not a physical one ~ there is no void.  There is only Oneness as all is creation of energy through frequency. Its not always easy to know why things are going down or up the way they do but one thing is clear, its a Spiritual challenge, and a Spiritual challenge makes you grow in High Speed if you take it as an opportunity to keep going and keep learning with an open mind and without judgement towards positive or negative. As on a soul level, positive is not positive, negative is not negative, its all about Growth. If you in your human state are struggling, losing, fighting, crying and feeling pain ~ your soul may be leading you through it with love if you are willing to go through and Listen. Listen to the voice inside telling you which step to take next and stay in gratitude without fear of going forward. You are changing as we all are at every second of the day. Nothing is fixed and solid. All is moving and changing. You live in the hardest Realm for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment. If you take this challenge nothing can ever defeat you, not in this life or the next. And how do you do it? How do you start? Analyse your beliefs in the knowledge that everything is in your mind. See the beliefs of your past and your present. See how everything you tell your self about your self or others benefits you and choose it if thats what you truly want for your self. By Diving into self Discovery may be the hardest thing you will ever do. If you chose doing that through judgement Thats ok. But after going through the judgement know that all is truly about you and no one else. People triggering you are simply showing you what is still unhealed within you. Seek for calmness and listen to your self. See others as your self, as you speak with your self communicating through others or through situations. What do you want to tell your self? What is your Spiritual Challenge to overcome? It may be hard to Dive deep but now has a new time, come. Its a Time of self Discovery. If you stay in the old fighting the new you only make the fight more (spiritual) bloody and more chaotic. The new time is here, and it will integrate no matter what you feel you want. Why is that? Through Evolving we are opening the Third eye more and more and through that we get a whole new vision. We start to see that everything affects everything. We start to see new links to our feelings, emotions and actions. We start to remember visually or emotionally child hood memories and past lives giving us a greater vision and a deeper understanding of who we are. We start to see out individual power as well as we have the ability to live in Oneness through Compassion for every living being as all that exist is life. This is our new time hitting us like a huge wave of new energy that challenges the old as the old must be a part of the new to survive. There must happen an upgrade as different frequencies can not share the same space. The waves of new energy coming in are an energy, a frequency of Indigo consciousness, Crystalline consciousness, Rainbow consciousness. The colors that gives these states of consciousness names represent the energies, abilities that those consciousnesses work with. Indigo Consciousness comes here to make space and to protect the Crystalline. Crystalline Consciousness comes to make space and protect the Rainbow. Now the critical mass is awakening and there is only a matter of time as time plays a role in our dimension. There is time now to look beyond the Physical that easily makes us Victims and look not only on the role we play but to look at the soul we are; look at everything in your mind, in your life, in this world as management of energy to see that all is not a physical but a Spiritual Challenge. Open your Eye.

We are the Spiritual Warriors and we have the Angels, Spirit Guides and Lovers on our side. We have our Soul on our side. We have the whole universe. We dont need a sword as our kindness will kill your actions as you must soon feel the pain your heart had to bear with your heartless actions. We will be here when you fall, we will hold your hand and we will lift you up again as you showed us the darkness that arises through the unconscious blocked heart and kept us fighting to never be who you were to us and to this world. We thank you for keeping us fighting for our strength through our light so we know who we are and who we are not. We know our core and we know how to stay strong even when we are weak. We thank you for our Spirituality, for your tyranny ways so we knew which way not to go, who to never be, and we thank you for teaching us about forgiveness as you will forgive your self for your actions. Thank you.

~ Joanna Angeli Pleiadian message

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JOANNA ANGELI – Pleiadian message
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