JOANNA ANGELI – spiritual practice

JOANNA ANGELI – spiritual practice


JOANNA ANGELI – Pleiadian Message: spiritual practice

You are Love and the only thing that is real, is Love… but what happens when we are in love? Love is when you look at someone and something and it touches our soul. Love is what created us and what we are and only through love can we change. When we are in love we synchronize the brain waves with another person so do not fall for someone you do not want to be. Ultimately when we are in love we open our selves up to change because real change only happens through the heart. We can wish to change, we can love to change, we can fight for change but only Love will get you there. That is why we are called the 5th generation because we are moving into change by moving into our hearts. more and more star seeds who are programmed to not confuse sex with love are in love with the world and feel in love with every one they meet. They are ultimately open to change because they Are the change. Their love affects the people around them by showing them that happiness come from the love you have inside and not by created events, status or an easy life as these children often end up in challenging families. Only when you are in love you can truly create and only through the love you have for your self can you rise and shine.

We show that you can be in love with your self without being selfish. That to love your self is not the opposite of loving your family or loving your people. We show that the love you have for your self is the deepest love you can give to the world by not being afraid to stand out as your self. I see so many people who give away their love because something happened in their life so they do not think they got the permission to be them selves. That makes me so sad. They think they have to serve certain people or be a certain way to have the permission to love them selves without them even realizing that that is really what is happening. Whats the best way to tell a child that you are not pretty enough then to give them make-up and later introduce them to the different ways to correct their natural self. If no one cared about the stereotypical and we all celebrated our uniqueness, I do not think that plastic surgery, healing business, psychologists and stereotypical fashion would be existing in the way they do today. I see so many loving them selves by going into these ways to better them selves… and in one way that is great to evolving your own connection to your own divine self but when you move away from the spiritual to please the collective insecurities made by our own unconsciousness, by our blindness to our own beauty it breaks my heart as I know these feelings of self are more or less within every single one of us as long as the collective has the dark traits of blindness. I feel compassion for my self when I feel those emotions… the difference between now and before is that now I know that I feel the collective, I do not feel my self in my origin, and I heal the emotion within me with the compassion for all of us. Compassion for feeling we are not good enough. the compassion for feeling we are not beautiful or perfect enough. the compassion for feeling the emotions of not being kind enough, or being loving enough and successful enough. I heal my self through all of us since we are all one. What you feel… regardless is something we all have access to feel. and i am seeing that we move from a critical and judgmental place to a place of compassion and love. That is the same as moving up a level. From 3 and 4 D to 5 and 6 D or even 7 D for those who choose to evolve in a high speed. From those places, from the place of love and compassion we can work on releasing judgement and choose what we want to be at the collective consciousness. Now it is a time of separating your self from the collective more and more and step into your unique power. Every one will go through this but not everyone at the same time. Have compassion for that. When enough what removed them selves from the collective consciousness, as much as 144,000 people the whole collective consciousness starts to change step by step and it will be easier and easier for each and everyone to upgrade from it. That is why the darkest ones who murder, kill, rape, kidnap will not be the first ones to wake up… They are the ones who are the most affected by the 3D collective unconsciousness and we can feel compassion for them. They are the ones most imprisoned and blocked from any other dimensions and that is one of the reasons they behave so badly. in one way, they show us the darkness in the lowest dimension and they push us to ascend.. In that there is love to find. I understand that forgiveness can be hard and feel almost impossible when certain things have happened to you by some of these people, and in that there is great suffering and I see that. The pain is to big to feel and you keep suffering. There is a way, and that is to change your perspective. To dare to see your self as them. To dare to see them as your self. This can be hard. But it is possible. And doing so compassion can come in and free you to surrender your sorrows to the higher states of consciousness as there is no solutions in the lower dimensions.

I want to give you a practice on how you can release yourself from whom you may still be chained to energetically in a negative (low) way.

Sit down and close your eyes.

Visualize you and the person you want to let go of ………. sitting in front of each other surrounded by a glowing white light.

Say “I take back all energy I must have given to this person and I give away all I must have taken”.

Ask Archangel Michael to come and protect you with cutting away any attachment physically, emotionally or energetically with ……….

Visualize a white and blue sword cutting away any chord with this person with Archangel Michaels assistance and love, and see ………….. moving away from you and are taken care of by the Holy White Light.

Now, you can trust that the other person is not your concern any longer in any way, and ………. can not hurt you any more as a connection to someone in a lower vibration will hurt you no matter what your intention is so the only thing you can do is to move away in every way. You can not share space with those who do not resonate with you. You can not. It will only hurt you and you will continue to hurt until one of you move away. If you see a connection inside your self that is not right, it is your responsibility to remove your self. The moment you see this you are no longer a victim as you know what to do. I love you for your loving ways but we cannot only be loving in this world. You also got to be a warrior in protecting that loving person that you are. Love your self enough to trust your self no matter what. You are it.

I give you the permission to be yourself who ever you are and you are beautiful. I feel it in my heart. You do not read this article for nothing. you read it because you care about something so profoundly deep and beautiful and that is greater then any words on this earth. That is you touching creation.


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