JOANNA ANGELI – Time of consciousness change

JOANNA ANGELI – Time of consciousness change


JOANNA ANGELI  – Time of consciousness change

Now we are at the peak of a big change in the world. A change in the world is the same as a change within us, as the physical world is a reflection and a creation of what lives inside. Before going to sleep I asked my highest self, my core and source to give me a clear vision on what is to come. i got a clear vision that volcanoes were to erupt over the whole world. The sky was like an explosion and the sky was blood red as ash was falling like snow. We got to find safety inside buildings on ground level because of the behavior of big animals that were running away from something and we had no choice but to find safety. Great ash will fall, and storms will come. There was no time to prepare anything, only listen and act in a focused and caring way. This is a fine picture on what happens inside many people now and if it will take form in the physical we can only observe. On the other hand we see it already. Its important to have faith, stay together and protect each other with care. To understand that everything is information we also understand that change will come in one form or the other. As it has already started in some places. I got the message some time ago that ”we have to go back to Niburu”. What is Niburu? It is information. We have a huge planet that has never been in our solar system affecting everything. It affects everything with information and before we weren`t ready for it. Information about our self and our universe. Information of what was and what is to come. As information is light, information is what upgrades us to the new raise. Humans have evolved and changed throughout history but what is happening now is that we jump over a whole quantum leap in evolution. A leap is aprox 26 000 years. We will rise with great technology, with knowledge about how the body works and how our mind works, so we can be in charge of our projections and live within creation, as creators, in a greater sense. I write this to prepare everyone for anything but to know that all children on earth is taken care of so this is a time to awaken and remember who you are and why you came here. We are here to evolve with gathering every part of our self from every lifetime… in another sense it means taking in every information about your experiences and all that you where. That is different for everyone and we all have our different journey, but in the world we will see the total sum, of everyone`s inner battles, with their information, about their stories and with who they are and who they are not.  The important thing is not to let the drama take you as it will invite panic. Know that the chaos, confusion, pain and drama is just change introducing it self to you and so it introduces  it self to the world and we may see this, but it is not for you to be afraid, its your opportunity to have faith in all you believe. Its an opportunity to remember that you are spirit and you drive this body higher and higher into new dimensions from within. We talk a lot about the matrix. The matrix is the structures in your mind that creates structures in the world. We see, experience and communicate through different perspectives within the different dimensions within us. But there is only ONE truth and that is found on source level, in our core being. Source level is the 12 dimension. As soon as we ascend down in other dimensions our truth will always be colored by perspectives. We can experience the ultimate truth within us but the ultimate truth will reveal it self differently to us. So for people to experience this overwhelming, overflowing abundant love called source we must all be free to allow our uniqueness. By allow calmness so we can listen. So we can observe. The different dimensions has these glasses of perspectives and through them we have gotten a lot of information about integration as humans. As other light beings can never give us the truth, they assist us in presenting more useful perspectives for us to operate through. So if we take a look and see the different dimensions we see the dimensions that are alive and physical furthest away from the truth is the 3rd Dimension. That is why so much shit happens here. The normal 3D human operates from the lowest perspective possible, it has the perspective with the least light from source that is our core. Is it strange that we wanted to save them from them selves with upgrading everything? As many pleiadians or other species ascended down to earth, thank us that not all came in all once, since we have all forgotten many things by coming here. The personal pain has taken too much space and now it is a time to remember that you are not this pain, this chaos, this body. You are spirit and that is what you can compare your self to. Compare yourself to your spirit not to this world as we came to change it. We came to take away the veil between worlds so we can unite in consciousness. As consciousness is what divides worlds its s well what can unify them. That is why we ascended down to the lowest to connect the 3D creation, wonderful as it is to the highest, to the 12 dimension, to source, by strengthen the Golden core to through every dimension down to the third. So as far as they will all exist, they will be unified in the Golden light core. And spiritually we are known as The Golden Ones. You invite the light and change the world by first inviting spirit into your body to then take over your mind (surrender to yourself) as your mind is a tool for your soul to operate its glory though spirit and source. We are here to connect to our selves through this body and then to each other. It is hard. It is not easy. And many have forgotten their origin and the personal pain. That is why Niburu is here, pulsing out information together with the sun, helping us remember everything. The good, the bad and the ugly for is to release the judgement, so we can release our perspectives and go home through our bodies. We have to let go of control and start to listen. Listen to yourself. Listen to that great voice inside your heart pulsing and whispering every moment. Listen to Spirit communicating to you through your finest and purest feelings. Slow down, listen and you will hear the sounds that are meant for you. We are light beings, we are the water floating in between the rocks… we are here to make the energy flow through our bodies again to make it flow though the world in the greatest way. The world is to be combined in greatness through the Golden Core. No one is going to be better or worst as every dimension is going to be equal connected to source and through that we can start to experience the true multiple experience of differences of the projections through perspectives in the highest forms. Patience is needed as we here on earth operate through time in a different way then all other dimensions  – work we have to know patience. On the other hand we do not have time. As all is now and that is for us to see… some of us do experience this now and many may not understand this expression of time yet. It is great compassion around earth as a healing energy. Its a world (dimension) with too much fear and too much pain to heal it self. Universes are surrounding earth at this time both on earth and around earth as the consciousness within the universe has its focus here. Light beings in all forms are here. It is important to understand that everything is a projection through the unhealed parts of us. The sum of all humanities consciousness creates this world. and what we see happening outside is just a mirror, projection or a metaphor for what is happening inside. You see children starving and being abused? How did we create that you may ask… then I ask you how do you treat youR inner child? How do you think this society are supporting people in taking excellent care of them selves instead of draining them for a few to benefit? Slow down, listen, and reflect upon how this world mirrors you. And work on that. Know that we are all in this together in one way or the other. We do all have a purpose, and we all have to meet our selves through our beliefs and actions. Dont worry about other people, because they have their own journey to freedom. What you see, is mirroring something inside your self. And through that acceptance you can work deep with your self and rise greater. With more and more doing so, we inspire others with our energy, with our vibration. We dont have to speak, only be together and have faith and know that everyone on earth is now taken care of. As surrender to yourself is now possible and safe. So now, take care of you, in the most gentle and loving ways to lead by example, not by your words, as action has greater power.


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