JOANNA ANGELI – You are a creative creator

JOANNA ANGELI – You are a creative creator


JOANNA ANGELI – You are a creative creator

The human Body is a water container with aprox 75% water. This is why conscious use of words, thoughts and practice is crucial to healing and with changing your focus and energy you can change everything. Water contains billions or sacred and secret messages about humanity, this world and universes. Its through water we live, through sound we create and communicate and its through water and sound we heal. Listen.

Change is always within you. What you choose to take a part in and be a part of with the sound of your actions and words through your mouth and your whispering thoughts forms the water particles within your Body and Mind. All is sound as we are all a unique symphony through water. We are changeable. We are creative creating always even if we want to or not because that is life. You can never not be a part of it even if you leave this body. You are the Creator always creating born as a master of sound through water always creating, always learning.

You are the change as you can consciously be Aware of each step, each thought, each word and from that create your reality. You are it. Purify your mind and be the change of your world. No one else can do it for you but we can all assist each other on our unique journey to transmute these dens energies created through frequency of low vibrations (unconsciousness). Shanti shanti shanti



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