MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Mass Ascension is Your Light Shining

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Mass Ascension is Your Light Shining


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Mass Ascension is Your Light Shining


Whatever is happening was created by all light beings who have chosen, in the deepness of their heart, that something really wrong was happening, needed to changed and had to change! what ever is happening is our manifestation, all of us! this is not from now, this is a collective work being done for a long time!
light beings are living on this planet since the beginning, and although the darkness touched every heart, the truth is everyone was able to awaken to the true self, open the hearth and start being conscious and bring more light to this planet.

Through times, several plans were worked on earth, and everything brought us here to this mass ascension wave! everything was able to penetrate beings which had their blue print waiting to be plugged into their conscious self on this now moment.

All is ready now and nothing can go back to what it was! the planet itself, as a being, is ascending constantly and the physical energy changes on the planet are far to visible to doubt about what is happening to GAIA.
Do you know why there are so many floods now? its a way the planet found to prevent water to concentrate of the ocean, because if that happens more volcanoes start erupting! sometimes what we observe is exactly the help we asked to avoid bigger disasters…

The moment is truly to be yourself fully, without conditions! keep growing your light! never fear, for fear is what keeps you glued to your old life! matters now to move forward with strength and trust that we came at this moment full of love for all that lives on this planet. keep yourself centered on your unconditional love, make sure your days are bright and that your light shine. imprint ideas of change, creativity and wisdom… you see that things will come to your conscious mind and you will be pulled to create! sometimes we have no idea about the things we can do to work our own contribution, however it can only happen if you open to yourself and believe you can do it!

You will see things that are mere attempts to distract you, to take away your will for change. its the silliness of the system to try to avoid what cant be avoided anymore! do not let your vibration to lower and trust that you are not doing this alone. we are all on this together, because we started all, all united we will get this work done!

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES (LYRA LIGHT) if you want sessions or to become my spiritualstudent contact me to

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