The path of ASCENSION is never easy….nor was it ever meant to be, it is a treacherous climb with the steepest paths, overlooking the abyss.

So many of you along with the Angels have been feelings these ASCENSION systems like never before. We knew this was not going to be an easy task in our mission but nothing could have prepared us for what we are actually feeling. Over the last few days as the star-quake, as we have coined the termed, has been taking a toll on our earthly vessels We have been experiencing a multitude of symptoms often feeling as if we are floating in between dimensions, severe headaches that occur in our crown chakra area, feverish- flu like, loss of appetite, loss of hearing due to the high frequency ringing in our ears, odd sleep patterns, body aches, moodiness due to old karmic issues coming to the surface to be resolved as ego, jealousy, insecurities, any type of old childhood or past relationship traumas. As painful as this may seem we must look at it as the final cleansing of our vessels to allow us to move onto the next and final phase of our ascensions… I often look at it in this way for me personally… I getting rid of the old within my atoms that make up my cellular structure to reconstruct my inner being for the greatness that will be revealed in my new and much-improved vessel.

Remember dear ones we chose all of this… we endure this first as preview for what is in store for humanity…. as painful it is for us ANGELS imagine what will be in store for those that chose not to prepare for what is yet to come or even worse for the ones who condemned us when we came with this message from source.

Once the awakening begins to awaken within ourselves we know we have embarked upon a path that we cannot ever turn back on. There may have been times we wanted to say SCREW IT!!! I wanna go back to when it was just easy, just like NEO in THE MATRIX. We know too much at that point, and even “IF”we wanted to go back we can’t for the simple fact we just would never look at anything or anyone in the same way again. Now I know why it is said that it is lonely at the top, we make our way with only a few belongings and even less people in our lives that we called friends and family. 

As we ascend we can be deceived by what we want to be the truth…. even by someone you may fall in love with along the way…. for they represent themselves as beings of the light. As we are trying to heal ourselves as we begin to resonate with beings of a higher vibration, due to our own vibrational frequency as we begin to vibrate higher.  Everyone claims to be a lot further along on their path of healing and ASCENSION….. so that is where the deception may come into play…. and may discourage us along the way…. 

We all have our own inner healing we have to continue and some may take longer due to their traumas they have experienced along their way… 

As in any relationship in any dimension it is all about our inner work, we must continue to do so that we vibrate higher and merge with our higher dimensional self SINCE we are multi-dimensional beings.  

We are here on our final mission to be completed…. we’re exhausted, got the battle scars to prove it but in the end we will be filled with the pride knowing that we gave it our all, we never quit or took the easy way out but most importantly we all joined forces to kick ass all the way until the end! 

Keep strong dear ones for we are all in the final phase, on the road back to greatness… 

I love you dearly, as the Guardians of Gaia in unity we will restore GAIA to her greatness as she did in the Golden Age… it will be upon us once again.

If you have seen the daughter you have seen the mother.


ARCHAEIA FAITH  daughter of Sophia GAIA 


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  1. Marvelous! beloved Archaeia Faith, thank you for sharing this message of hope and trust in our most divine mission to place Gaia and humanity who is ready to ascend in the right most enlightened place in the Universe! As you say, after so many battles… I humbly honor this wonderful ascension, even with deep pains sometimes (body pains), much struggle with deep dark energies, so always praying for protection to AA Michael with whom I work for and with, I know I belong to the Legion of Michael and carry his SWORD OF TRUTH AMEN! ALL IS ACCOMPLISHED IN THE TRUTH AND LIGHT OF THE CHRIST WHO DWELLS IN OUR INNER HEARTS, WE ARE ASCENDING HERE & NOW! AUM!

  2. Reading and listening to the words above is what gives me the will power to continue on going. It is not easy at all.

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