PURNA ANANDA – Allow yourself to let go…

PURNA ANANDA – Allow yourself to let go…



PURNA ANANDA – Allow yourself to let go…


Most intense and glorious Times Now Here huh Lovers, would you agree? We are Now within the Diamond Lion Gates of the Great Diamond Shift on our Golden Divine Mother Gaia. Times are indeed intense and even Eye noticed, so much advanced light-workers, snapping, breaking and instead of going through the gate of shift, they went backwards. I AM sorry to say this, but so many men of love and light are snapping and their ego of superiority and left being one and only thing right is keeping them stuck at the door, they cannot go through. So they go backwards. They try to hurt us, undermine us, control us, invert our truths and just take us down with them instead of letting go of lies of ego, they identify with it’s illusions. This events and dramas surfaced now so we can address it and reject it from our existence forever, seeing for the last time how bad and wrong it is, so we can Love Now.

Angels Now You are important Here. No Thing else matters Now but you entering through the Diamond Gates of Golden Shift. They are stuck, if they don’t want light, if we focus on their lostness, we can lose our light and fall down with them. Let us just remove ourselves from them and love them from far away. They try to provoke us so they can have a piece of our divine energy. Let us not give it to them and let us unconditionally love them from far. Sometimes walls are needed to Love somebody again. Then we can allow Saint Germaine to heal us with his violet Love.

Those Who Love, they know the Ways through the Gate of Oneness and Love Now. We shall help them and walk each other Home with Love.

Yet for those, usually men who don’t Love Now, we shall pray for them and Love them from afar. Their upgrades will be slow and nothing shall happen until they lose their ego and accept equality and oneness of Love within the Divine Union. It is hard. I AM so happy my Heart is a Heart of a Woman, and I AM praying for all your Divine Mother Goddesses Blessings. Heart of a Woman makes one see deep beyond the confusion on the surface. Heart of a Woman is really all Loving Eye that Sees Love as it is.

I Love you so much and Eye feel so much Blessed. Let us leave all the dual ego luggage in front the Door of Heavens and let us enter Naked, so only Love shall come through on the other side, where there is only One Love.

We are One Love Now, Here. In Heart we are United in inter-dimensions and in Love we are One and invincible, we are the Lion that Roars Love Now and Lion has a Heart of a Woman. We Feel, so we Love, so We Know. We are victorious. Love has Won, we are that One Love Now Here in One Heart.

– Purrna

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