PURNA ANANDA – Angel Wings

PURNA ANANDA – Angel Wings


PURNA ANANDA – Angel Wings

Angel Wings grow out of the Heart
It is only Love that Flies in the Wind and No Thing Else
Love is at Home within Thy Heart and Love is our Home,
Back Home, back to Love Now. At Home
in One Heart in One Love we all are Angels
there at Home in Love we aall are Birds freed in the Wind

Out of Love and for Love only Angels Wings grow from Ones Heart
There is no other Purpose for the Wings of the Angel
but to Love Now and Unite with Love Every Heart
in One Heart, where Love of God Resides
Within the Dazzling Gardens of my Beloved in Love
Amongst the Ponds and Lotus Flowers,
Wild Bushes and Blossoms of all Colors
Dazzling scent of Flowers in love spreads out the Green Fields
Inviting the Honeybeez to Fiest on the Honey of Flower of Life
We all are One I AM in Love, so many Hearts United there
in One Heart of an Angel,
intoxicated with the scent and sweet Aroma of Love Now
In Diamond Heart of an Angel we all are One
and from the Heart of Diamonds out of Love
and for Love Wings of Love Grow only

It takes only a Sincere Desire of a Heart
to unconditionally Love every Heart as One in One Heart
and letting go of all dual human confusion that separates us
in Hearts robbed of Love with Concrete Walls built around us
It takes an emptied Heart just like a Cup, to be filled with DiamondIt is Done Now, it is so simple. Love is so simple and Love is Now Here.
it is so simple to Grow Wings of Love from a Diamond Heart
Just sincerely desire to Love Now all as One
in One Heart and it is Done.
Love is a Miracle so are the Angels.
Believe in Miracles and Love Now
And you are Now to be Here a Miracle, Angel of Love Now

It is so simple, Love is simple, Miracles are simples
Angels are so Simple as Love that they are is.
Wings of an Angel are Simple
More they grow more simple is to Love us all as One

– Purrna

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