PURNA ANANDA – Intense Time for Light-workers

PURNA ANANDA – Intense Time for Light-workers


PURNA ANANDA – Intense Times for Light-workers

Intense Times for Light-workers. We are going through shift from caterpillar to butterfly and it is not easy. At same Time we are here to help each other and seekers of love of god, by giving Love to all in all. Sometimes when personal purification are hard and pressure heavy from the outside, we want to just quit and hide somewhere.

Remember how Arjuna expressed same sentiment before the war of Kuruksetra. He said, he will not fight his uncles, although they turned evil. He felt compassion and he wanted to run to the Forrest to meditate and detach from this fight and war completely. Our sword is Love Now so our fight is most lovely, it is not fight, but it is Love. So let us do this. And some workers have mission to fight dark forces or negotiate with them or actually be in front line, fighting. So let us empower them with our Love Now and never run away, we are all one.

Krsna told to Arjuna who threw away His Sword and Bow and was ready to go to th forrest. Krsna said;
»You are a Warrior, you came here to do this. Dark forces attacked our Kingdom. If you will run away now to the forest, you are not doing your duty. If you go to forest to meditate now, you will allow evil forces to Win this War and our beautiful Kingdom where Harmony, Peace and prosperity reign, shall turn into Hell full of suffering and blood. If you stay here and fight you are doing right thing, you are following your dharma and your result shall be glorious. You are protecting Light and Love of God, so it shall not be destroyed. But if you go to the forest now, you shall allow evil forces to win, so indeed if you go to forest now and run, you have performed violence against your people, against your nation, yourself by allowing evil to take over our Paradise on Earth. If you fight Now you are following Ahimsa, nonviolence, and if you run to forest now and meditate, you are the violent one, inflicting violence upon us all. You can meditate there, but do not think you shall reach heavens. Perform your duty out of Love Here Now and all treasures of Love of God are yours even Here. You are a Warrior of Love so defend Love Now.«

Arjuna came to his senses and they won the war together with Love. Love has won now. So let us never back down and run to the forest. Our Sword is Love, we don’t have such hard task Arjuna had. SO let us be Krsna to one another and empower each other by Love of God and giving each other strength to proceed, giving each other empowerments of Love Now. We are One Love Now and Love has Won Now. Love is our sword, understanding is our Shield, We are the Diamond Golden Lion, protecting our Mother Earth. We are Arjuna of Love and Love ha Won Now. Believe in this and is True.

– Purrna

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