PURNA ANANDA – Love that dances

PURNA ANANDA – Love that dances


PURNA ANANDA – Love that dances

Divine Union of Lovers as Above so Bellow
Can Eye See, can Eye feel this Love, that Dances Now?
As Lovers United within my Own Body
I AM in Love with Her, with Everything, that I AM,
within my own Self

It is the Passion of Creation,
Love, that Dances in Sweetest Styles Now
Rhytmics of Love and Harmony
God and Goddess are Dancing within our Heart,
Divine Couple is Making Love within our Heart
It is One Heart, Heart of all of us in Love
Can you Feel this Passion, this Love
Within your Diamond Heart Divine Couple
makes sweetes of Love
Love Dances as within so around, as above so bellow.
Union of Lovers comes from Kingdom within
to Heavens on Earth

Eye cannot run away form the Union of Lovers
Now it is done
They are making Love everywhere around me Eye See
I AM intoxicated all lost and found
within this Love I AM and I AM not
what is Above or what is bellow, Eye don’t Know,
everything is just One Love
Just Love, that Dances is there
and we all are One in this Love
I AM aroused so Purely in Spirit,
Garden of Eden is Now Here
Garden of Eden is coming to Reality
from Hearts in Love that Love Now
Diamond Hearts Who Dream of Love
are One in Love Now
Dreams of our Diamond Heart in Love
are chasing the Nightmaire away for Good.
And coming to Reality of New Life of Love Now

Diamonds Hearts, that See only Love, that Dances everywhere
Can You See Love, can You Feel
this Diamond Presence of I AM
making Love with Her as Above so Bellow?
Beez are landing on the Flowers, dancing
and spreading Stardust of Love Now from Flower to Flower
Divine Lovers are making Love, Eye feel arroused so purely
Birds are singing to the Morning Sun, Sweetest Love Song
praising the Union of Divine Lovers No Here
Flowers are poppin in Ecstasy into blossoms it is Time Lovers
Can you fee this Dance of Lovers,
making Love Everywhere Eye can See and not
Throughout the Garden of Lovers Eye wonder,
all intoxicated with Love
Everywhere Eye look, everywhere Eye See
and Feel the intoxication of Love
I AM arroused as on the Beginning I AM in Love,
it is Time of Union Now
In Love Now all Becomes One Dazzlling Flower Garden,
where Love Dances this Dance of One Love

It is just Love, that Dances everywhere, One Love,
Everything is just Dance of Love
Even Shadow and Light, both are the Dance of Love
chasing eachother in the Circles IN Love with eachother
Darkness is only here to make the Light Shine,
to make the Morning Beautiful
and to Glorify that Gold of the Stars,
everything, that is is here for Love and out of Love,
without Love there is Nothing
and Love is Here only to Dance,
only making Love and no thing else
is the Purpose of Everything I AM
One Love is there, so many Hearts of I AM in One Love
Dancing this Dance of Love Now.

Everything Eye see within Creation is just Dance of Love,
for Love and out of Love
Without Love I AM No Thing and Love is Everything
that I AM for Love
I AM Making Love with Goddess,as Above so Bellow,
No Thing else is there Love for all,
One Love for all as One
Love is everywhere on every Level,
Without Love I AM Nothing,
She is that Everything, that Gold of I AM, Love

Without Love we are Nothing,
all Dried up Flowers in the Desert
wondering if we are alive
robbed of Love, One and Only Life, that is.
Yet in Love we are Everything,
One in Love with Everything, that I AM
We are One Dazzling Flower Garden of Oneness
and Harmony Now
Where Lovers Dance as One in Sweetest Aromas
of Flowers of Life of Love,
Love, Dances within the Flower Garden of One Heart
Sweet Scents also Dance as One, Dancing with Eachother
Infinite scents of Love, Colors of Flowers of Love
that Bloom for Love
And Infinite Styles of this Dance of One Love
creating fullness of One Love, Colors, Styles and Scents
Fullness of Infinity of the Experience,
Expression of Love in fullness and Dance of Love
Experience of the Infinity of Love that Dance

Fullness of Making Love in the New Garden of Eden
on Earth Now Here
Can you See already, that Love, that Dances
Paradise, Garden of Eden came out of Love from our Hearts
and Love is Now Here. Union of Lovers Within the Garden
Garden of Eden is our One Heart
Within the Union of with the Heart of Creation in Love Now
There is only One Love, that Dances as Above so Bellow Now
And we all are in it, we are that Love
Nothing else is there in but Love, that Dances,
in One Garden of One Heart in Love.

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