It is said, that Radhakrishna always come into this World to show and manifest in example, that Love of God is Above every Law of God and Man. And with this it is really meant, that Magic, alchemy of Love, Goddess of Love turns everything into Love and One Heart, what she touches, even everything that comes out f Her Lovely Mouth is Transcendental Love regardless to the manifested Form. External form does not Matter, if it’s on Her Lips or in Her hands it is pure Love and No Thing Else it can be, because She is that Purity and Essence of Love. Love is the Cause of EverythinG, that everything on I AM.

Stories of Radhakrishna realy bring fort, the Oneness and Unity of One Love 5D consciousness. Everything, what they do is about One Love. There is no trace of Reveration, Rules, none of the Laws in Vrindavan , the Forrest of Love where Children of Love play. Later Krishna was King in Dvaraka, but this was different Reality. In Vrindavan conduct and manner did not apply, Love was that Law breaking everything. They are simply showing, that Love is the Law above every Law and everything, that is done with this Purest of Love is automatically Love, regardless, how it may appear on the Surface. I AM giving this days much importance on their stories, because they force our Heart and Mind to go deep beyond the confusion on the Surface that is meant to tackle the 3D Mind to fuse with 5D. Radhakrishna’s Love stories hide the essence underneath the Surface. RAdhakrishna’s Love is meant to be felt with Inner Eye and inner Eyes of the Heart, penetrating through the Surface, beyond Words. It is said Krishna is Dark and also this confuses many. Yes, but He is Dark beyond Duality, it is said He is Dark only as Sky is Dark so Moon and Stars can Shine in Gold. She is that Gold and He is hiding his Supreme Light only to enforce Her Light, Krishna is giving all the importance on the Goddess, because She is bringing Union and Her Happiness represents the happiness of us all.

Oneness of Love, Unity and Love itself was their only Law, and this Love was Pure and Real it was not fake, yet present in Fullness so it turned everything into Love what it touched. They really went far out in the religious vedic times when Religious Law was rulling the society as they Broke every Law with this Purest of Love to the extremest point just to show, that Love is the only Law, that is and regardless in what situation we are, what we are doing, if we are doing it with Pure Love we cannot do wrong. Radharani was married and so were her friends. But they were running to meet Krishna and dance with Him in the Night. Their Love was pure so regardless the strict penalty for such act prescribed by religious rule, their Pure Love always protected them and never they faced the hand of the Cruel Law for their acts. Love is the Law beyond all and they were always protected, because their Love was real. This stories today serve to liberate birds from their Cages of Religion with Love. They are showing us by example what 5D means in practice when everything is Love and everything is Joy. It may appear as paradox sometimes, yet Paradox is Normal in 5D so they are most welcome so we can hanker our Multidimensional Personalities.

When Radharani got angry and was raging, in her depth there was Love only and Krsna wanted to enjoy that emotion of Anger so She was only pleasing him and inside She knew this very well, becasue she is only Love for him, it was only Love and Love was only felt. Love is a joyful play, naughty even. In pure Love everything is allowed. It’s called closeness.. They are experts in joyful play and making fun on infinite ways, they are jokers and Eternal Children Who Love to play. SO they are also masters and experts of this Love beyond beyonds in example of expressing this purest of the Love in Joking and fun, beyond respect even so many times. But Radharani’s Love is hankered,. They have no boundaries, everything what they do is out of Love and in Vrindavan all were equal, there was no God and no authority in Vrindavan. Only 5D Unity in One Heart in One Love as they all Love their Blueberry rascal for some Reason unknown to them, he was their Life as he was playing tricks on them, their Hearts danced in Purest of Joy as they were running after him as he flew. It was Joy of all Joy, he came to show the humanity that Love can be Fun and beyond any rule and in this Time he had to show it in this Way. Today when we all are to be in this Lovely consciousness Now Here, we all are to be just like that and Loving is Natural thing on New Earth beyond 5D. Nobody ever considered Krsna as God or Guru. He was no authority, Radhakrishna shown this that »I AM YOU LOVE« to all backthen even Divine Couple united all Hearts in One Heart, Gopi girls could slap him or chase him, it was al play. He wanted purest of Love with no boundaries and limitations, he wanted Freedom and Radharani is that Freedom of Love personified beyond everything that there is, She is the Highest dimension, Love, and I AM Now presenting Here Their stories only to hanker myself and help all my family to hanker in our minds and hearts the idea of 5D when things are no more logical, reasonable, they are not as they appear, and are paradox yet like in 5d and beyond there is fusion within our body of multiple Realities, more things are possible and real on same Time. We can really live Now that Oneness and inconciavable mutual individuality and Awareness on multiple Levels of Selfs in all dimensions. We can infuse Love in everything Now. As She calls him blueberry rascal it is said with such a sweet loving purity and fullness of Love that we would just faint of Love if we would hear it.

They are using such words just to express that purest Love and just to show that for Love there is No Rule or Law as long as it is present and real. They shown us 5D unity and One Love 5000 years ago in Vrindavan, they had to show it in extremest way to shake the rock like religious mentality, they were all about Now and Oneness with no difference, they practiced equality in Love with everyone and that’s why he even allowed himself to be punished by farmer women, everyone was One Heart for them and only Love is there in Vrindavan Now as One and only Rule while Breaking everything with this Highest Law, Love of which Goddess of Love is embodiment.. It is Play of Lovers, She calls him blueberry rascal with purest of Love. It is only to show us that Love is the Law and by touch of real Love everything is Pure and Eye must add that real Love can do No Evil.. If there was awareness, that Krisna is some kind of a God or Master, all this play would be cancelled, but his mission was to really show that Love is the Law and She shown it top mostly per his desire.
That`s Radhakrsna’s secret.We should dive Deep and then go Deeper as that. They are Masters of turning everything into Love, what She touches is Love of all Love and when Lovers play they do tease each other. Blueberry rascal She says so sweetly ,he wants to hear this all the time. It is her playfulness, her naughtiness, her fire of love, her Freedom, Hew Wind. It is so much 5D and beyond and we really should hanker this and go beyond every rules and laws and customs Now, while remaining righteous by upholding the Natural Rule of Love THAT NEVER HARMS NO ONE. There is no rule where Love is the Law and Love is only Law Here Now.They are masters of turning everything into Love, what they touch and that’s why Radhakrishna are so important while we hanker 5D consciousness.. Let us not stumble on the surface Family of Love Now Here. This is very deep Love that needs to be red from the depths of depths and I AM writing it much this days because it helps us all to hanker 5D consciousness and go beyond any eve, while old Days are getting destroyed for New One Way of One Love to manifest even physically Here. Love is the Law. Without Love there is no Love so Love must be real also.

Radhakrishna are One Love, Masters of Destroying the old ways with One Love Now Here so I AM finding it so lovely and useful to remember and share with my Family. This one was long. What to do. Love is infinite also. Eye Love us all One Heart so much. Let us all be blessed Now Here in One Heart in One Love Now. Let there be Vrindavan Now. Let the Divine Couple in all Their forms be happy Now.Weal are One Love.

– Purrna

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