Solar Alert! Magnetic storm event

solar alert

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Solar Alert! Magnetic storm event

Solar Alert: Health & electrics

We are in the midst of a solar storm! yesterday all signs already showed us this would be a heavy energy event.
A solar tornado just happened few hours ago and although it is not a larger one, is two earth sized. This event intensity is mainly due to the high speed of the solar winds facing earth directly.
The coronal hole stream was expected to happen before the CME, but it seams the CME hit first.
This warning conditions are only for July, 20. Later on the situation will be considered if the following days are still on warning mode or the sun rests.
We are still waiting for another stream,which put us in alert mode, considering health issues and also electronic failures. This event has about 10 hours so is to be expected still several blasts coming to our planet.
This means we should avoid the direct solar light at hours of most intensity (in the middle of the day), protect heads and drink plenty of water.
Later we will update about this magnetic solar as we receive confirmations concerning the following streams expected and how the intensity of the same events are blasting earth.
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Solar Alert! Magnetic storm event
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