Teachings of the Pleiadians – “Earth” Barbara Marciniak

Teachings of the Pleiadians – “Earth” Barbara Marciniak


Teachings of the Pleiadians – “Earth” Barbara Marciniak

“You get plugged in, and suddenly something happens, so you must incorporate what happens. We liken the energy that runs through you to the electrical current that runs through the hairdryer, making it more than simply an object – making it a useful object. This is a very simple example, and it gives you an image of yourself. You can be switched on so that the current of life takes you to your purpose.

It is essential that you understand your body and that you are not ashamed of what your body does. What you do with your body is another story, however. There is a grand dignity to the physical form.

Be generous in your body grace. If you are uncomfortable with what we are saying, then examine how much you love yourself and where dislike and shame of your physical body comes from. There is nothing wrong with the body. The modern concept of the Barbie Doll, as a perfected female form, contributes to hatred of the female body if the body does not conform to that mold.

All images, from the simplest toys to the most complex computers, affect your perceptions about yourself. Often women who conform to the Barbie Doll mold have to force and restrict themselves to duplicate the desired and approved shape, reducing their freedom of choice. The human body has all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of expression. You can tell that variety is important on the planet by looking at the variety of faces.

If you were all meant to be molded into one kind, there would only be a limited number of faces that would be available as model types.

For eons, you as a human being forgot who you were. You took on shame about your body and your body’s functions. There has been little encouragement for you to acknowledge the very functions of your body. We often compare your use of your body to having a car, about which someone says, “Don’t ever use the trunk. It is a really bad place.

Don’t open that trunk, don’t use it, don’t put anything in it. It is there, but don’t touch it.” Do you see the analogy? It is ridiculous.

Sex in 3D can provide the energy through which you can emerge to higher consciousness. It can lead to an essential part of your multidimensional development. Sometimes, it is difficult to hear about sex because you hold onto judgment of traumatic events that you are ashamed of or that you feel bad about surrounding your sexuality. Everyone has something stored away concerning the sexual part of themselves.

To a large degree, there has been a plan to influence you to feel shame about sexuality and your body; this has kept you from discovering your power, purpose, bliss, and freedom.

As your body takes on and integrates the new energy, memory will be awakened in you. Cosmic memories, as well as memories of this lifetime, offer an unfolding of who you have been in galactic history. It is important for you to have room to remember.”
~Earth – Barbara Marciniak~
(Teachings of the Pleiadians)

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