The Third-Wave Of 2016: The Oct 2016 (Light Wave) Energies & The Different Phases Of Pain Many Light-Workers Are Facing As We Embody This Wave

The Third-Wave Of 2016: The Oct 2016 (Light Wave) Energies & The Different Phases Of Pain Many Light-Workers Are Facing As We Embody This Wave.
October 20, 2016

The month of October 2016; has started off with the biggest Light filled – ass whooping that I, and for the most part that every single other (Light-Worker) has ever experienced before thus far within their own journey, and so far within this Ascension Process. The month has started off much like every other month in 2016, you know, with high intensity, and unbelievable bursts of Light-Waves. This is what 2016 has been like for all of 2016, intense, and filled with absolute radiant light. With that said it doesn’t mean that anything we have gone through has been easy, there has been nothing easy about being alive and an incarnated (Light-Worker) working for (Team Light) while being born into, living on (Team Dark) land/territory. We’re lucky we’ve made it this far! As a good majority of (TD) still find ways to remain here and rule a good majority of this place, but over the last few years since the 12-21-2012 timeline ended, it’s slowly gone down hill for those old, ancient,. dark ones, and the beings who help them knowingly or unknowingly.

I wasn’t expecting October 2016 (9) to be quite like this. This Third-Wave which hit us in early October, and for some of us at the end of September has been painful, but its been a blessing as we are experincing further crystaline activations within our body at this time. I do need to mention and I’m referring to the energies (Light) coming into us and the planet right now, because it has been really powerful. We had the New Moon a few weeks ago in Libra which really has been symbolic of balancing the ego self/other’s ego selves. Which has played a big theme in some of the situations in my life recently. We also had the first wave of the Third Wave happen already, and I’ll be writing a little bit more about my experiences in these Three (Triality Waves) further in this article. As it might be what many of you as Light-Workers have experienced as well. We can’t take away from the recent Full Moon on Oct 16th and it’s energies (Light) which involved the (Sun,Moon,Uranus) and it’s gotten a tad bit chaotic in the last few days since, and after it as well. We’ve also got a major powerhouse conjunction involving Mars/Pluto in the middle of Capricorn, which is a sign that deals with power, the establishment, systems, and how these play out, control this world and the reality of 3D conciousness. Here we have action meets power, and as many know taking some form of action implies ones own ability to understand ones own power. We are experincing a lot of energy in this time, at this time, for a reason, and understand that regardless if your physical body is letting you know your not powerful, realize that you really are a powerful light being embodying the current light energies, and uplifting the frequency as you do your Grid Work.

Thing’s are definitely changing at an exceptionally fast rate for many of the forerunners, of the forerunners. Because I know many are feeling absolutely destroyed, I’d like to share a small list of Symptoms that I have been feeling since the end of September into the middle of October.

October 2016 Third Light-Wave & Ascension Symptoms As We Embody The Light

smiley-sleep011 More Sleeping – I have needed more time for myself, for integration, for grid work, and so that i can get out of (My body) and not be in (My Body) while integrating all this Light energy coming from this Third-Wave. Frequent naps are necessary, because what’s been going on has been too much for a lot of us, and we can’t be down here in (Physical form) and handle this 24/7. It does not work, so if you’ve been sleeping more, and finding yourself in states of deep sleeping, go with it and honor your need to not be here at this time for long periods of time.

Whole Body Vibrating & 24/7 Ear Ringing- Since the beginning of this Third-Wave i have been experincing whole body vibrating. It starts from the legs and moves up into my body, and if you are worried at all in any way about this, and the fact that your vibrating on a daily/nightly basis, there is really no cause for alarment. The vibrating is just re-wiring and transmuting of certain OLD and imbalanced aspects within your body that isn’t in direct alignment with the light yet. Ascension is not being crystaline perfection, it’s a journey to becoming absolutely crystaline perfection. I’ve realized as well the vibrating, is blocked energy as well, from Old wounds, and pain from Old Past lives that are being worked on energetically and being released and healed. The physical pain, is your body way of telling you that you aren’t in full alignment, some of your bodily issues are needing to be worked on, which is why so many have said, and do continue to say release, realease, and release your pain. If you don’t it will continue to continously hurt.

I’ve also been hearing non-stop ear ringing, ear tones, sounds, high pitched sounds, in either ear. It’s 24/7 and it’s in a romantic relationship with the vibrating that is going on in my body. I don’t have an issue with this, as the ear ringing has been constant, and with me since i started my Physical Ascension process in (2014.) For some people it stops, but i’m one of those beings who i’ve never gotten a break from it, so it never bothers me, because i’ve gotten used to the sounds, and i quite enjoy it. I’m clairaudient, i can hear the sounds of this planet, i can hear words, tones, communication from other beings, from other’s in realms of existence, and planets in this vast universe. So it’s a welcoming thing, and it’s a gift. It’s my gift, it’s your gift, there isn’t anything wrong with you or any of us who can hear it. Embrace it.

Greater Self Examination & Healing – Since this Third-Wave began being embodied into my being, i have had to go deep within, and deal with some of my personal issues. Some of my problem areas have been not owning my own power, not speaking up, and not doing it because of fear based emotions, and how it might disrupt other people. In Ascension and in this Process, i’ve learned that greater self examination is needed. So i’ve had to honor myself and my own power, and speak up, say no when i can’t be someone else source for everything, and doing it from a place where the fear based emotions don’t have any kind of control over my ability to do it. This is your journey, so knowing your issues, problem areas, and emotional triggers, is part of the healing process.

Increased Interferences – Since this Third-Wave i’ve had to deal with a lot of disruptions within my (Light-Work) specifically as i integrate and Grid down the energies in my specific location. I have been psychically attacked, i’ve had my keyboard break as a way to prevent me from continuing on writing in here, and writing these articles, and sharing what is going on at this time. I’ve dealt with many (Portal People) with mob mentality, especially at work who want/need me to do all for them, and when i don’t lower my frequency for them they get angry. Certain projects are met with increased interruptions, people have come back into my daily life, and have caused certain routines to change. I know many are going through this, you are tired, and it seems people come out of no-where and prevent you from resting. These sort of interferences are high at this time. Knowing what they are, who it’s coming from, can help you greatly reduce them.

Breaking Systems In Place, And Within People – While this isn’t a physical symtom it is however a huge part of what being a Light-Worker is about. We’re not here for the majority of the time to accomodate certain people, systems, beliefs, and general dark 3D bullshit that 3D conscious people deal with, believe in, and have always in the past until now. I’ve since this Third-Wave have been changing aspects of how i conduct myself with people, because the Old Dark stuff has to go. I’m not here to be leinient towards certain (Portal People) and some of the thing’s they do still, thing’s they have said still, because these ways of communicating, ways of being can’t remain. Hatred can’t remain, controlling behaviors can’t remain, manipulating situations can’t remain, service to ones own self first than other’s second can’t remain. These are old dark forms of being and existing. So i’ve been working hard, especially at work to not give my energy to people, and situations where these thing’s come into the front and center. Where they are still doing their usual 3D mainpulating and controlling ego self, service to me, i care about me first, tactics and ego bullshit.

Because in the end, if your not going to change something, the light, the creator, and the Ascension Process is going to do it for you. You can’t hide in the darkness, the light will always reveal the truth, the light will always know, the light will always push towards these truths to come up and to the center to be noticed, to be worked on, and to be changed.

Flu (Frequency Light Uploads) & Physical Aches – I got hit early in october with the flu, and symptoms of being energetically downloaded with NEW codes. This is a typical Ascension Symptom, that many think you need to be medicated for. Which stops the process of integration, and letting the light into your body. It causes real illness in the body. This was the NEW light energies being downloaded into us, and if you dealt with flu symptoms and still are this is what is happening for you at this time.

The Three Triality (Waves) In 2015-2016

I want to dicuss this Third-Wave a little bit more, and not just this one, but also the last two waves that hit, because it’s so important to be the Light-Teacher at this time and help make known some of the information i feel needs to be shared with many of you about what is going on? Who it’s happening to? Why it’s happening? and show the three phases of embodiment that we as Light Warriors have gone through since the end of 2015.

Towards the end of 2015 (8) things changed considerably for me, and i know that the December 2015 timeline really changed, and started to enhance and affect more Light beings in a way that i wasn’t expecting, and that we had never expeinced before. Before i explain what happened for me during these three (Light Waves) i want you all to think back to that time period, and remember how you were feeling during the first two waves.

The first wave hit in mid December 2015.

The Second Waved hit us in April 2016.

The Third Wave is now hitting us in October 2016.

These are when these (Triality Waves of Light & Illumination) have happened, and continue to happen. I want to first begin with the First Wave that happened in Dec 2015 and what i preceived and how that affected me. Now in Dec 2015 the First Light Wave and the shift that occurred for me had a lot to do with becoming more aware of the Separation of worlds that is becoming more pronounced every day. This phase of pain for me was a mental pain – because the weeks after leading into Jan and Feb 2016, i had to deal with events and situations that brought on the stress like never before for me. So the First Light Wave for me and the phase of pain i was going through was enduring stressful situations, but also noticing who was who, and what (Team) they were batting for so to speak.

The Second Wave which we received and integrated in April 2016 affected me in a physically painful way. This wave and the weeks after it saw me dealing with physical issues, pains, aches, i gained a lot of weight during this time period. So it was a heavy focus on the physical vessel i was walking around in. I was dealing with situations that made me more and more tired, and the phase of pain that i experienced was a physical discomfort and i’m sure many of you also felt the physical enhancement of April 2016 as i did. Many also were dealing with emotional pain, depression, mourning, loss, as we lost many people during that time.

This Third Wave which we are now integrating is more of a mixture of physical pain, and mental strain. This is how this third wave has been affecting me, as i’m dealing with certain situations that are coming up, that almost want me to break down and completely lose control of my balance. (Which wont happen – because i know who this apposing force is, and what they’re trying to do.) One thing that i have noticed is that this Third Wave is pushing me to end certain situations, close communication with certain people, finish anything that needs to be finished, and start certain projects that i need to begin. So while it’s causing me physical pain, and trying to break me mentally and emotionally, i find my path is moving in a NEW direction. Many of you might also be feeling the need to end things, and begin the process of moving towards something new.

However over the past few days i’ve noticed that collectively we’re all stuck. There is no ability to move into the new yet, because we are still in this transition Zone. We’re stuck in 0 energy, it’s great light/source energy, but it’s not movement. The real movement and change will happen when December 2016 arrives with the 111 Portal/Gateway afterwards in Jan 2017.

This is where we’re at right now, it’s not pretty, it’s energetically painful, but know that we’re doing Grid Work for very specific reasons. Be alert, be safe, and remain out of fear based emotions.


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The Third-Wave Of 2016: The Oct 2016 (Light Wave) Energies & The Different Phases Of Pain Many Light-Workers Are Facing As We Embody This Wave
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