ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Isis ~ Love Throughout Time


ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Isis ~ Love Throughout Time

Brothers and Sisters I, Isis, am here to share a story with you. Once Earth was inhabited by men and women with love in their hearts. There was no hatred, greed, apathy, envy. Humans walked freely upon the Earth as they were created to do. But this did not last. Beings from other worlds came to Earth with the intention of enslaving humans. They came to rob Earth of her valuable resources, and minerals too. The ancient builder race called Archons used humans to mine. They interbred with humans in order to create a new race. Earth was invaded many times and humans tampered with many times. Earth would never be the peaceful, loving place it once was. The Garden of Eden was a place where Gods and Goddesses walked among its people; assisting when needed and requested.

When humans were taken as slaves, their hearts fell into great sadness and their minds into fear. Because of the Law of Free Will and the Law of Non-Interference, however, humans could not be helped at this time. They cursed the Gods instead of asking for our help; for they had no understanding of the laws of the universe. Darkness fell upon the Earth during this period. Eventually humans evolved and some began to live more through their hearts again, but because the Earth had fallen so low in vibrations, duality now existed. For thousands of years beings from other star races have watched as the Earth has been plagued by violence and greed, its resources depleted, and its beautiful land destroyed by men. Eventually enough humans awakened the hearts to the devastation taking place. We heard their distress call. We heard Mother Earth’s distress calls. We devised a plan to help return Earth and her people to its original glory in the Garden of Eden. Many of us returned in human bodies to participate in what is happening now, the greatest show in the universe. Many many light beings are on Earth at this time to raise the frequency. It has been a success. Now everyone is here for the big party.

The solstice marks the end of human slavery. A brand new beginning for the Earth and it’s peoples. Please open yourselves to receive the waves of loving, transformative energy. It will not be immediate, but soon you will find yourselves in the new heaven on earth. Things will be tumultuous for awhile as those who have been in control are removed and old systems dismantled. Stand strong in your knowing that everything is for the best and will end in the best possible way. Do not give into fear. Be kind to your brothers and sisters and return to having only love in your hearts. We are all here for you. Just call on us. We love you endlessly and cannot wait for you to join us in the higher dimensions.

I am Isis. I welcome you with open arms.

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ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Isis ~ Love Throughout Time
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