ZOE (STAR (CHILD) Isis: The Defamation of My Name

ZOE (STAR (CHILD) Isis: The Defamation of My Name


ZOE (STAR (CHILD) Isis: The Defamation of My Name

Greetings brothers and sisters. It is I, Isis. It is time that I share with you another story. This one is close to my heart, as it involves the misuse of my own name. The name “Isis” has always represented Creation, the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, Love, and Nurture. My work has always been altruistic. I have always had a deep connection with you and loved and nurtured humanity with all of my heart. So imagine my feelings (and yes I have feelings) when the corrupt controllers here took my name from me and attached it to their own dark creations. Do not think for a moment that this was just happenstance. They did this with full purpose and to attach negative meaning to the name of the Goddess I AM. Why did these corrupt humans do this? They wished to stop the return of the Goddess; the return of the Divine Feminine energies to Earth. They knew it was coming, as it is Divine Plan and the beginning of a new cycle. This is what is occurring now and they can do nothing to stop it. They want to stay in power but the Earth and its people are ascending into the higher dimensions, and therefore higher understanding of what is and what has been. Balance will be restored to the Earth, as you are just entering the Divine Feminine cycle.

There are many different ways of understanding what is occurring on your planet. Love is the aspect of consciousness manifesting as the Divine Feminine. It is the return of you and your planet to the fifth dimension and higher, and the movement from the patriarchal, controlling world you’ve been living in. The Divine Masculine energies are also returning if you think of these terms as representing the original qualities that were attributed to the male and female. Since Pre-Christian times, the Goddess or Divine Feminine has been in a sort of battle with the dominating patriarchal energies. You can recognize this throughout history and in the way that the religions teach that Source/Creator/God is masculine. This is incorrect. Source is a unified singularity and feminine and masculine are equal integral parts. Feminine energy represents creation, while masculine represents the activity or direction of Source energy, or how Source is used. Both energies are equally important and your world really needs them in balance now.

Things have been out of balance for a long time and for awhile the Goddess energies were also too dominant. It is important to now return to the understanding that the Goddess should be honored again at this time. The Goddess energy represents love and value of life. It opens your hearts and is assisting you with your awakening. If you honor the feminine aspects in yourself now, whether you are male or female, it’s going to help you with not only your awakening, but with creating your new Earth together and your new communities. Whether you are male or female, you should also honor your masculine aspects. These qualities such as voicing your ideas, putting thoughts into action, are also important and have been distorted over time, though not as much as the feminine. Balance is key.

So now that you understand these principles, we can talk again about this misuse of my name and who is behind this. You will see soon that you have all been fed many lies… many, many lies… and in fact some of those who have declared themselves your protectors, fighting against terror, are actually the creators of terror they claim they are fighting against. Of course this is not always the case but… so much corruption, my dears… in so many ways. So much effort to keep you from realizing your own truths and connection to Source, your own souls, and to one another. All is coming to light now.

When you see the word ISIS all over your news, think about why these letters were chosen. Attaching negative energy to my name is just a last attempt of the dark to maintain their cold, loveless, patriarchal reign in the world. It is a seeding in the mass consciousness, a virus you might say. It is an attempt to prevent your own ascension and return to your original state of happiness and expanded consciousness; your freedom! It is time, my loves, to take back your power. What you can do is just recognize what is happening here and that the feminine energy is back to merge with the masculine and return both to their original balance. This is a long-awaited re-union. The Goddess is here and I am not leaving until balance has been restored on Earth.

Stay true to your hearts. Use your intuition, which is developing fully now in all of you who are open. This is the time for each of you to go within. You must find your own truths and balance the masculine and feminine aspects within yourselves. You must learn to love yourselves fully! Self-love is what helps you connect with your soul, which in turn brings love and awareness to the collective. Do not allow the media and those who control it to plant false ideas in your heads and fear in your hearts! Be open to the truths that will be revealed and have been revealed. And whenever you see or hear my name being misused say to yourself “Isis is our Mother Goddess, here to restore love and unity to all mankind!”

Always with Love,
Isis and Zoë

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