ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Be the Light in the Darkness – Metatron

ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Be the Light in the Darkness – Metatron


ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Be the Light in the Darkness – Metatron

Greetings! This is Metatron here with Zoë. We would like to speak with everyone on this day about some things you may be experiencing in your lives, specifically regarding certain events. All you have to do is look at a newspaper or turn on your television to see that there is much intensifying of events at this time. It feels more and more like things are “coming to a head” you might say. Well they are! This is the time of Revelations, Dear Ones. This is the time of Tribulations. What you see happening across your Earth is literally light shining on all darkness. Darkness is in fact lack of information and light is information. Darkness is your fears, hidden feelings and any lower emotions. You have been experiencing darkness as a result of losing your connections with your souls and the truth of who you are. You experience darkness because you’ve forgotten you are powerful divine loving beings. You’ve been endlessly searching for love and truth outside of yourselves for so long and it has never brought you happiness or truth. So you have lived in fear. All of you. In darkness. This is not your fault. It has been the way of your world for eons. It was decided long ago that you, as souls incarnating to Earth, would lose your memories of who you really are. But there is so much more. SO much more, my children. And you are about to find out.

What you’re seeing in your news in the form of violence, murders and racial wars, is a reflection of the imbalances and lower emotions that exist in the human psyche and are coming out to be shown and released. This is actually a good thing! It is hard to understand, I know. People of course are suffering. But it is a sign that things are being dealt with in each of you. You see, whether or not you read the news and see what occurs, your individual lower emotions are coming up at this time. If you did see, for instance, these recent murders having to do with the color of people’s skin, you are then looking inside yourselves and asking or being shown anywhere you yourself hold judgement or prejudices. This is happening on a massive worldwide scale and it is happening with every kind of lower emotion. So you see, the point is not to view these events and think they are encouraging or should encourage further division between people. No, it is the opposite. Because you are all receiving and absorbing the huge amounts of light energy that has been hitting your planet with the purpose of raising all of your vibrations, more of you are awakening your hearts. You are catching on to the divine plan and seeing the patterns occurring. You are FEELING the acceleration of events and of frequencies.

It is crucial now to change yourselves. Look at the larger picture! Change your perspectives. You have tried resolving your conflicts with more conflicts, violence, hatred, retribution forEVER. How has that worked out? It has never helped anything. I know so many of you feel there is no solution. You feel the need for unity but how? It is impossible, you say. We tell you nothing is impossible! The light energies that are here now are making it possible, my friends. You are supported now but the true work lies within yourselves! What did Gandhi say? “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”. These are wise words indeed and they could not be more relevant in this moment, my friends. Trust me when I tell you, this is the truth. You are being assisted by the higher realms but you must do your work! The more you open yourselves to this process of recognizing old patterns and emotions within yourselves, the more you will be assisted and awaken to re-membering. Ask for assistance from your guides or angels, whomever you are guided to ask. This is the work you all must do now in order for your lives to improve and in order for your world to improve. And boy, are you in for some great surprises. It is well worth the work!

As you begin this inner work, pay attention to every reaction you have in every situation you find yourself in. The universe is showing you what you need to lear about yourself all the time! You just need to pay attention! Everything holds a lesson, a clue. Ask yourself, was that reaction fear-based or was it love-based? This is really the key here. Everything boils down to fear or love, you see. Somewhere along the line this policeman, for example, was taught to feel fear around a person of African descent. He was shaking with fear. Perhaps someone he knows was harmed in some way by a person with dark colored skin. Or perhaps he was taught this by his family or friends. This is such a frequent and sad occurrence in your world and it is all fear-based. It’s just an endless cycle which you now must break yourselves. Understand that EVERYONE is a divine being. The color of their skin is completely irrelevant. Most of you know this but there are still unawakened beings that carry these extreme feelings of fear and as a result, hatred in many cases. I tell you the current energies are stirring up the lower energies in these people as well. This is the time that they can also be reached.

Enough is enough!! This cycle of fear breeding violence breeding retribution needs to end, correct? So do the work on yourselves. In the presence of others, be an example. Be light, be awakened, be oneness with ALL, be free of lower emotions. Hit the reset buttons! Be brave and set the example for those around you. Be LOVE not FEAR. Be GRACE. Be STRENGTH. Be at PEACE. Others will see your light. They will learn from you! Think before you react in every situation. You must take this opportunity to come together now. There will be bigger disturbances ahead so prepare yourselves to hold light and love now. Now more room for fear and judgement or anger. Instead of looking at someone and seeing all the things your old belief system has you conditioned to think you don’t like, look for the things you DO like. Notice your thoughts when you meet someone for the first time or that you already know. Catch your negative thoughts and form new loving ones. Maybe you don’t agree with this person on some things but it is time to awaken; to know that you are ALL going through growth together right now. People are at all different stages but EVERYONE is equal and everyone is divine. So look for your commonalities, not your differences. Do this now, Beloveds! The New Earth is here for you but you must find it within each of you before you see it in your outside world.

I am with you always and in ALL WAYS, Metatron

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