ZOE (STAR CHILD) Metatron: The Energies of Change

ZOE (STAR CHILD) Metatron: The Energies of Change


ZOE (STAR CHILD) Metatron: The Energies of Change

Greetings Dear Ones! As many of you are now beginning to notice, more-so than before, the time of great change is upon you. Either you must change with the Earth or you will find yourselves struggling harder and harder against the currents. The energies are so strong every day now, it is harder to stay with your old thoughts and in your old ways than it is to let go and change. These energies are here to transform everyone and everything! No stone will be left unturned. Every outdated system, every emotion, every idea which has been restricting you must be seen for what it is and changed now. You are all, each and every one of you, powerful beyond what you can imagine and far more powerful than you’ve been taught, that is for sure! When you realize your own power, your own worth, your own divinity, this is what true awakening means.

You have been taught since birth that you must fear nearly everything. You are taught from a young age that you must conform! conform! conform! To what? Why? It is all a farce. It is all there to keep you from seeing your true power and individuality. Every one of you has your own special gifts and talents. Many of those talents are not currently recognized as such or encouraged because most likely they place heart above mind. They go against the values of the patriarchal, capitalist society. It is keeping you from understanding that you are a multidimensional, divine being. Society has had its purpose. It mainly, however, keeps people “in line”. You know this. If you look within yourselves, if you allow yourself to feel, you know that at the deepest level, your soul level, the world hasn’t felt right. You’ve felt confused and not understood your purpose. Everyone has felt this. Those that have ignored it are only afraid to look at themselves truly. They don’t wish to shine light on their shadows. No one can really be content with life on Earth as it has been; as you know it. Not if they have any consciousness or conscience. Life has been very difficult for most people. Everything is completely out of balance. Distribution is the main reason for all of the problems on earth. The greedy few with all of the money control everyone else.

Well this will be no more. You have cried out for change for a long time and you have brought about the changes you are about to see and feel more tangibly. Yes you. We are just here to help you. Once you are finally shown the truth, you will understand how much you have been controlled. These energies are activating your consciousness. You are being filled with light (which is consciousness) all of the time now. Depending where you are individually on your path, you are experiencing all kinds of symptoms. Many physical symptoms are being felt by all so don’t be alarmed. Some of you are still or are just being shown things that are no longer in your highest good. This Leo energy has been bringing up heavy emotions for many. They are coming up to show you what it is in your life that is not in alignment with your soul; what it is that is holding you back from happiness and freedom. This could be any number of things, so I ask that you sit with any emotion that comes up and determine for yourself what it is connected with. It is in your best interest that you listen to your soul now. The more you listen and make the necessary changes in your life, the easier this process will be for you. Many people are stuck on forgiveness. Forgiveness is huge and it is not just forgiveness of others, it is forgiveness of self. So please take note of your feelings and reactions to people and situations at this time. There lie the answers to what you need to see about yourself. Honor all of your emotions as they arise. Do not be ashamed of them. They are a gift to help you now.

As we move toward September, the energies are going to be steadily increasing, along with all kinds of eruptions of violence still as the more the light comes in, the more it shines on the darkness. What I mean by this is everyone is feeling this. For those that hold more darkness, more lower vibrations than light, this may cause them to act out as we move toward the singularity and end of duality. There are also many weather events occurring as you have noticed. This will continue and increase and it is all part of the necessary changes. Realize that Earth (Gaia in 5th dimension) is a being just as you. She needs to release as well. It’s all part of the cleansing and purging. You are cleansing and purging as well. Everything is interconnected, which you will begin to see if you haven’t already. Try not to go into fear as this is not helpful for anyone. Obviously if your area is affected, you must do what you must do and of course be of service to others. But as you know, the best thing you can do in general at this time is work on yourself. Be your best possible self to lead by example, in love, not fear. Keep your energy for yourself in these times rather than allowing yourself to be absorbed in the news or other distractions. For, a major energetic event and more will be in September and this is an important time to be helping yourself. Enjoy yourselves as much as you can. Spend time in nature. Be in the moment as much as possible. Let go of your fears! Just be mindful of what is going on within you. Your soul will show you the way, just listen.

With you always in all ways, Metatron


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