ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Tsunami of love


ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Tsunami of love

Tsunami of Love A Message from Kuan Yin What a wonderful time to be living on Earth! So much is happening and some of you are just beginning to feel it. There is much occurring behind the scenes and your world as you know it is about to change in the most amazing ways. You can’t begin to imagine how different your lives will be in just a brief matter of time now. Peace on Earth is about to finally be restored. It will be a process, but you will shortly experience some major changes and events that will forever change life on Earth. You are currently in the final throws of duality. There is a Tsunami of Love Energy hitting you now which is the beginning of the Third Wave of Ascension and culminates on the 20th of June. This wave is THE WAVE and serves to awaken ALL of Mankind. This is THE BIG ONE you have been waiting for. Everyone on Earth will receive this energy and it will trigger huge awakenings on a massive scale for anyone who is ready to awaken. Many are feeling the changes coming now and beginning to sense the veil dropping. As this third wave happens, there will be global events which will also occur that will prove without a doubt that the veil has finally been lifted. Many things will be revealed and humankind will wake up to some Major Truths which have been hidden from them. The Event which has been spoken of and planned for some time will serve as the final wake up call for some and will usher in the Golden Age. Then you will really begin to build the New Earth and the New Republic of the United States of America. This tearing down of the old and building of the new will be the focus over the next 6 months. It will be an ongoing process of rebuilding, but by the end of 2016, the Ascension will be complete. During these 6 months there will be many upheavals and changes and some souls will choose to move on rather than do what is required to raise their vibrations enough to exist on the New Earth. The time has come, Dear Ones, so rejoice now! We are all so happy for you! Stay in your hearts and allow these beautiful, glorious waves of Love to fill you up each day. Know that the New Earth is here and all of the suffering will soon be eliminated forever! You are all loved SO much!

by Zoë (Starchild)

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ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Tsunami of love
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One thought on “ZOE (STAR CHILD) – Tsunami of love

  • July 18, 2016 at 8:06 PM

    Dear Goddess Kuan Yin, I am not sure if you know who I am. During my mom was pregnant with me on the day before I was born, she went to your temple on your birthday during lunar calender of 20 June 1976 to request for a baby boy. And she got it. I just wished that she will understand and be very grateful of what this baby boy grew up to be. Will I be able to meet my mom and sisters and other relatives in the future? Am worried if they are not awaken yet.

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