ZOE (STARCHILD) – Re-Birthing of Humanity

ZOE (STARCHILD) – Re-Birthing of Humanity


ZOE (STARCHILD) – Re-Birthing of Humanity

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, it is I, Isis. I come to you again through my dear friend Zoë. As we have worked together throughout time, she was an obvious choice for the one I shall combine forces with. She is an excellent teacher and We bring forth important messages and teachings for humanity.

The last time we spoke, I explained a bit about the descent of humanity into darkness. It is important to understand that we on the higher planes have answered your calls and are doing everything we can to assist humanity at this time. The cleansing and purification process is taking place on all levels. We are helping to make this transitional period as pain-free as possible for everyone. With any growth, there are growing pains, and right now you are in a very accelerated growth period as a collective. You are experiencing the beginnings of the fall of the empire. Those beings who believed they had complete power and control over humans are learning that this is coming to an end. The energy that is here now will no longer support anything of a lower nature.

Everything is energy and the systems in control are low energy and no longer serve humanity’s interests. Humanity has spoken and they want to be free. In order for this to happen, we must rebuild from the ground up. There is no other way. So you are about to see a complete collapse of the world financial and political systems. These systems have only been serving the interests of the elite. They have served as a means to keep humanity enslaved. Corruption on all levels must be revealed and eliminated. Then you will see how much has been hidden from you. You will begin to see how your freedom was stolen from you.

The revelations will be shocking to many, but many will start to remember who they are. We are all equal parts of the Creator. It is with this realization that more hearts will awaken to remembering the Divine Nature in all things. But in order for this awakening to occur for many, they will have to lose things they thought defined them. Many people base their value of self and others on how much money and how many material possessions they have accumulated. Many people also base their feelings of safety and security on these things. This is all illusory. What will happen is, these people will find themselves in situations where those things mean nothing. This serves to force them to look at themselves thoroughly. So, this process will be easier for some than for others. ALL must see their truth.

The energies that have been pouring into the planet are supporting these changes. They are raising the frequency of everyone and everything. You must either change with the new or leave with the old. This is an intense process, as you are being shown anything you must face and change about yourself. The universe is asking that you release all bad habits. This could be fear based thinking, holding negative thoughts about yourself or others, not loving yourself. You need to really take a good look at yourselves now. Your interactions with others have a lot to teach you if you pay attention. You may notice old memories or fears arising. What is the message? Many are being challenged to overcome all of their greatest fears. This is because where you are going in higher dimensions, fear cannot exist. So your greatest challenge right now, and over the next several months, is to let go of all of the fears, habits, and old belief systems that have held you back in any way from being your True Divine Self. As you are doing this inner work, don’t be ashamed of what you learn about yourself. There are reasons why you are the way you are and you should embrace all aspects of yourself. We are just in the midst of a great transition now, so self-realization and changes are necessary to make the leap. Keep an open mind and an open heart and you will traverse this period of tribulations with ease and grace.

There will be much happening around you. Things will be shifting in many different ways. It is beneficial for you to not view any seemingly chaotic events as negative or scary occurrences. As we said, everything must be rebuilt from the ground up. This will mean that some big changes will be required on all levels. These energies are here to make changes to you on the individual level as well as to the world around you. You see, it is the law of the universe that the microcosm affects the macrocosm and vice-versa. Therefore, it is necessary for you to do this work we’ve been speaking about on yourselves. This is how you truly affect change in your outside world. This is what a Master knows. So yes, there will be upheavals in government, social, and Earth’s physical levels. Instead of succumbing to fear and dismay, nurture yourself and listen to yourself. Listen to what the universe is teaching you, whether it be through the words of a friend in conversation, your reactions to other people (which could be indicative of something you need to look at in yourself), synchronicities, seemingly symbolic visions or dreams, experiences in nature, to name a few. The universe speaks to each of you in different ways, depending on what you would relate to the most.

It may not appear this way, but I assure you everything is part of the Divine Plan. It is important to pay attention to your personal needs at this time. Set boundaries for yourself. Yes, there is going to be sadness felt by many, as many souls are choosing to leave the planet at this time. They will be just fine, so concentrate on taking care of yourselves and not becoming too weighed down by other people’s emotions and experiences. You cannot change the things happening but you can change the way you relate to them and what your experience will be. This is all about sovereignty and taking back your power, whilst BEing the Love in your hearts for yourselves and others. It’s about seeing that you are equally important to the next person and equally loved by the Divine. It’s about healing yourselves and in so doing, affecting those around you. If you want peace and unity with all things, BE THAT.

We are here to support you. Please call on us at any time.

With a loving heart, Isis (and Zoë)

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